Do you know the three different categories women put men even before you have said a word or done anything? I bet you never considered this before getting the “I’m not interested” answer.

This is what I’m about revealing to you now. These three different categories apply to 90% of women and equally done unconsciously.

Let’s kick off with the three different categories:

I Think I Like Him

If this crosses her mind, you have an added advantage when it comes to taking it to the next level because every other trick to win her is dependent on your effort. This only means she is 30% interested and you just have to work for additional 50% to score an ‘A.’

In most cases, your looks might be reminding her of someone she liked or probably your style of dressing aroused that instant attraction in her head. “I like him” is a scorecard for any man especially if you are lucky to approach an available woman. If you are not so lucky and approached the “I’m in love with another” or “I have a boyfriend” type of woman, it calls for more effort which can be lessened if you can apply the bad guy code.

Generally, work towards arousing the “I think I like him” attraction in her head to make things easier for you.

Ugh! I Don’t Like Him

Somehow this particular feeling is natural. It applies to both sexes (both male and female) because I have experienced it and I know you have too. However, in this case, we are limiting it to one of the categories women put men.

If you have ever fallen in this category in few occasions, it is somewhat normal as an average guy. But if you are always placed in this category, then there is a problem somewhere. Maybe you don’t ever appear confident when approaching a woman, or probably you are overdoing the “nice guy” thing which can be too fake to be real.

You might be exhibiting a trait that is passing the wrong signal. The earlier you note and correct such, the better. This is the area where the bad guys always beat the nice guys in the game. When placed in this category, it might be an impossible mission trying to build attraction. This is the reason you need to work against being put in such category.


I rather love this category! This is the category the bad guys always crave for because; they will still use it to their advantage. The fact is that about 75% of average guys are placed in this category but many fail with their inexperience in using such opportunity to their own advantage.

If you have studied any act of seduction book on how to attract women, you will agree with me that this is the perfect category to be. The good news is that if you are placed in this category, you can work on creating the desire and attraction you want in a woman.

What are you waiting for? You better jump on your feet now and get that woman you so desire and use each category to your advantage. Make her say yes to you with the knowledge of this secret I have revealed to you.

Good luck with your tremendous success with women.

Thanks for your time; I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below.

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