“Who could that be this time around?” Nelson asked as he climbed down from the bed to get the door.

I repositioned to see who was at the door.

As Nelson opened up the door, it was that mannerless receptionist.

I stretched my itching ears to know why she came to our room.

“Sorry Sir, this letter came in for you within the week, I forgot to tell you about it earlier on,” she said to Nelson as she grinned from one side of her mouth to the other.

“Was that why you came up to my room?” Nelson asked.

At the sound of that question, I held myself from laughing out loud.

“Sorry sir, I don’t know the content and I was thinking it could be time-sensitive,” the receptionist replied.

“Please, I don’t wish to be disturbed at the moment, just keep it for me, when I’m about leaving I will pick it…hope that’s okay?” Nelson asked her.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry,” she replied as she made a U-turn immediately.

Nelson shut the door and joined me in bed.

“Baby, I think you were rather harsh,” I said to Nelson.

“Her disturbance annoyed me,” Nelson replied.

“I think she likes you,” I retorted as I covered my mouth with my hands.

Nelson laughed aloud….

And that action confused me more.

“Why are you laughing naa?” I asked.

“Baby, you are very funny with your assertions,” Nelson replied.

“I’m a woman and I know what I’m saying,” I chimed in.

“Baby, you see this one? You are wrong!” Nelson cut in.

“If only you noticed the evil glances she was passing to me,” I added.

“I think you are the one that is misinterpreting the whole scene here. She can’t like me in that kind of way,” Nelson insisted.

“It’s alright, let’s leave it at that baby,” I gave in.

But Nelson kept giggling as my phone buzzed…

I reached for the phone at the edge of the bed to know who the caller was, it was my Mom.

I became scared immediately.

I didn’t know whether to take the call or not.

Nelson observed my attitude …

“Baby, who is that?” Nelson asked.

“My Mom,” I replied with a pinch of fear in my tone.

“Take the call,” Nelson said.

I took the call immediately.

MY MOM: Hello.

ME: Good evening Mom.

MY MOM: How are you baby?

(At the sound of that, I became a little relieved).

ME: I’m fine.

MY MOM: I’m sorry for sounding so harsh to you the last time you called. I wasn’t just prepared to handle the news you gave me.

ME: I deserved more of the shouting, Mom, it’s okay.

MY MOM: No baby, no one is above making mistakes. I know what it took you to tell me about it and I equally understand that your emotions are not stable at the moment…the least I can do is to be a good friend and mom to you at this point so that you won’t make more mistakes.

(As I heard those sweet soothing words from my mom, tears rolled down my cheek).

ME: Thank you, Mom.

MY MOM: It’s Okay. I just want you to come home so that we can talk.

ME: I will come tomorrow, Mom.

MY MOM: It’s alright. Just stay calm at the moment.

ME: I will Mom. Thanks.

MY MOM: It’s alright. See you tomorrow.

ME: Alright Mom.

And she hung up***

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