As we were still on our playful fight, a knock came on the door.

“Thank God!” I exclaimed.

Nelson stood up from my body to know who was at the door.

“I’m coming back for you,” Nelson said to me with smiles.

I gave him the victory face as I plugged out my tongue.

He giggled…

Then stood at the door without trying to open it.

“Baby, get the door naa,” I said to him.

Then he did something that made me laugh out loud…

“I’m waiting for this to come down naa,” Nelson replied as he pointed to his hard erection.

After some few seconds, he opened the door for the staff that was sent from the kitchen.

He asked her what was available and told her what and what to bring to the room.

As the staff was about leaving, I covered up myself with the Duvet because I knew Nelson was going to come right after me.

As he shut the door and turned to look at me, he laughed aloud as he saw how I wrapped myself inside the Duvet.

“How do you want this? Do you want me to over-power you or you just respect yourself and come out by yourself,” Nelson playfully asked.

I just raised my head to reply to his question…

“Baby, you can do nothing, I’m strong and I will fight you.”

“Okay naa, let’s meet the strong princess,” Nelson said as he dived into the bed to remove the duvet.

We playfully struggled until he overpowered me.

“Go joor, you play too much,” I said with a frustrated tone.

Nelson burst into loud laughter seeing the frustration on my face.

I giggled in a painful tone……

Nelson drew me close to his chest as he arranged and stroked my hair.

“Baby!” I called out.

“Yes, my love,” Nelson answered.

“I’m sorry for everything that happened today,” I apologized.

“No baby, it’s not your fault. That guy just needed to be taught some lessons,” Nelson cut in.

“Baby, it’s indirectly my fault because if I had a clean past, such wouldn’t have happened,” I chimed in.

“My love!” Nelson called out.

“Your past is clean, stop over-flogging these issues and stop blaming yourself. I love you and you are mine now…that’s what’s important right now,” Nelson said with a peck on my forehead.

“Thanks for loving me the way you do, Baby,” I replied as I planted a kiss on his lips.

And he kissed me one more time….and kissed some more…then paused.

“Baby, there’s something about your body around mine,” Nelson said.

“What’s it?” I asked in a mischievous tone.

“I always want more…” Nelson replied as he locked his lips with mine and we kissed passionately.

He actually started to use his hands to want more, but I stopped him.

He understood and we both re-adjusted…

I lay on his chest while he held me with his right hand.

“Baby, what did you tell your mom,” Nelson asked.

“I told her that I suspect I’m pregnant…”

“So what was her reply?” Nelson further queried.

“She screamed and hung up.”

“Is that why you are sad and uncomfortable?” Nelson cut in.

“Is it not enough to make me sad?” I asked with a mean stare.

“No baby, don’t get me wrong. But your mom’s reaction is expected of a good African Mom. You just need to relax and allow her to process the whole bad scenarios in her head. She will definitely give you a call soon,” Nelson suggested.

As I was about saying something else, another knock came at the door.

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