Nelson drove to a different place, more like a guest house.

He parked at the parking lot and put off his ignition.

“Baby, let’s go and cool off for some hours here before going home,” Nelson said with a soothing tone as he placed his right hand on my laps.

Looking at him I could tell he really needed that.

“It’s alright,” I replied as I opened the car and got down.

Nelson held my hand as we walked into the guest house.

As we got to the reception, I saw Nelson’s Dad’s picture and his own picture beside it.

I didn’t need any further explanation that the guest house was theirs.

“Good evening Sir,” the receptionist greeted with smiles.

“Yea, Beatrice how are you?” Nelson asked her with smiles.

They exchanged pleasantries.

But the funny part is that the well-shaped pretty receptionist ignored me as if I was all those “short service” kind of babe.

She constantly stole glances at me without forgetting to give me the evil eye as Nelson conversed with her.

“What is even this one’s problem?” I thought to myself as I annoyed her more with my next action.

I quickly called the attention of Nelson to help me arrange my hair that was tangling with my earrings.

“Sorry baby, let them get the executive room ready okay?” Nelson said with smiles.

“It’s Okay,” I replied as I fixed my eyes on the receptionist to watch her reactions.

The worst even came upon her almost immediately…

“Yea…Beatrice, meet my wife to be; because she will soon be your new madam, I won’t have the luxury of time to be coming here,” Nelson introduced me.

Trust what I did to her…

I just waved to her and smiled back at Nelson that looked so happy to have me.

I didn’t even give her the face to say anything as her Con…gra…tu…lation started experiencing hiccups from her tone… I trust she got my indirect message.

It was Obvious that Nelson wanted to use that time and go through some records standing.

“Baby, let me sit and wait for you,” I said with smiles as I sat on the closest cushion.

“It’s alright my love, I will join you in a minute,” Nelson replied as he fixed his eyes on the records.

After about an extra 10 minutes, the room was ready so he instructed them to send the records to his mailbox.

“Baby, come let’s go,” Nelson called out as I stood up and walked towards him.

Nelson held my hand as he told the waiter to send someone from the kitchen to his room.

“Alright sir,” The waiter replied.

We walked upstairs to his room.

Nelson looked at me with smiles before opening the room.

I smiled back as we both walked into the spacious beautified room.

It had this gold color combo that made it look presidential.

“This is beautiful,” I said in an undertone without knowing that it was loud enough as Nelson replied to my soliloquy.

“You like it?” Nelson asked.

“Yes, I love it here,” I replied.

Nelson looked at me with smiles…

“Do you want us to spend the night here?” Nelson asked with a wink.

“No! What explanation are we going to give to your parents and Blessing?”

“We are adults, baby, we owe no one much explanation…all I need do is to tell them where I am,” Nelson cut in.

“Baby, always bear in mind that here, is not abroad! Our parents are still Africans,” I cut in.

“Okay, you win! We will stay a couple of hours and head back home,” Nelson retorted with smiles as he walked towards the bed that I was sitting.

“No no! don’t do that baby… don’t,” I excitedly screamed as Nelson held me so close and we struggled with kisses.

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