“Alright, thank you,” Nelson appreciated the constable as he held my hand and we walked into the commissioner’s office.

When we walked in, he was on call but he gave us the nudge with his hands to sit down and feel comfortable.

The call lasted for a couple of minutes then he hung up and faced Nelson.

“My boy! How are you?” The Commissioner asked as he brought out his hand to shake Nelson who walked closer to his seat.

“I’m fine, Sir,” Nelson replied.

“How is my friend, your Dad?” The Police Commissioner queried further.

“He’s doing great, Sir,” Nelson replied as he walked back to sit beside me.

“That’s nice……….so what’s the problem?” The Commissioner curiously asked.

At that point, Nelson had to introduce me and what I meant to him and his family.

He narrated what transpired between him and Felix and how we drove to the police station still been followed.

“Is he responsible for the finger-cuts on your face?” The Commissioner asked.

“Yes Sir,” Nelson replied.

“It’s alright, all I need now is every information I can get to invite him to the station,” The Commissioner said as he reached for a Jotter note on his table.

Nelson provided his name, his car model and plate number, and a little description of his looks.

“What of his house address?” The Commissioner asked.

At that point, Nelson went lost because he really doesn’t know anything about him aside from the fact that he’s my ex.

Nelson turned to me to rescue him with Felix’s address.

“Sorry Sir, he doesn’t actually reside in Aba but he occasionally comes here because of his Father’s investments that are here in Aba. The Father has a hotel here, presumably that’s where he would be at the moment,” I replied.

“This is nice……It’s like I know the guy you both are talking about,” The Commissioner said.

“Wow! That’s makes it easy then,” Nelson cut in.

“Yea…….He is a UK returnee and his father is late,” the Commissioner said.

“Yes Sir,” I concurred.

“That makes it easier…” Nelson repeated.

“Yea, I think I still have his contact written down somewhere. I will call him and invite him then I will place a call to you for us to settle these issues,” the Commissioner said.

“Thank you so much, Sir,” Nelson said in appreciation as he stood up for us to leave.

“It’s our work, we are paid for it,” the Commissioner said in a sarcastic tone.

We all giggled at his comment.

“One more thing Sir,” Nelson cut in.

“What’s it?” the Commissioner asked.

“Please I don’t want your friend, my father, to hear about this,” Nelson pleaded.

“No problem, but this time around, that request comes with a bribe to shut me up,” the playful commissioner said.

We all laughed aloud as we walked out of his office.

The constables didn’t even want Nelson to walk to his car in peace until he dropped tips for them.

We walked to where Nelson parked his car to find out that their driver wasn’t yet at the police station with the car he told him to bring for him.

So he brought out his phone to call him again…

But he wasn’t picking up his phone after two calls.

“Baby, sorry, but we can’t drive in this car. Let’s wait for more 5 minutes to see if the driver will get here please,” Nelson said to me as he opened the car for me to sit and wait.

We both sat inside the car with the Air conditioner on.

He tried calling the driver’s phone again.

He picked this time around…

They spoke and the driver confirmed he was very close to the police station.

After an extra two minutes, the driver drove in with the said car.

Nelson came down and exchanged the car keys with the driver.

And instructed the driver to take the former home, as we both entered into the later and drove off.

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