“It’s okay baby, let’s leave here,” Nelson demanded as he stood up and brought out his hand waiting for mine.

As I was about handing my hand over to Nelson, Felix just violently dragged me.

That was the point Nelson couldn’t swallow it anymore…

“Are you crazy?” Nelson asked as he dragged Felix by his shirt

Then Felix turned to slap Nelson while he still held my hand with his left hand, but he wasn’t so fast….as Nelson’s slap landed before his.

Felix had to free my hand immediately as they started to fight and I stood there helpless with screams and shouts.

Nelson kept giving Felix blows that made me get scared if Felix would survive the blows.

Then people around started noticing what was happening as many guys ran to our hut to separate them.

They finally succeeded to separate them…

Felix stood up with blood gushing from his mouth and nose and walked straight to his car.

Nelson held me as we equally walked to his car; we got in and drove off…

After 2 minutes drive, Nelson noticed that Felix was following him from his side mirror.

“This idiot should not bring out the bad guy in me,” he muttered with a long facial expression.

I didn’t even know what I should be doing at that point…

I went speechless as the tears kept rolling.

“This is the love and war I normally hear about in movies, then why me?”

“See what I caused for myself…”

Those were my thoughts as the tears kept rolling down my cheeks.

Nelson didn’t even look at my face as he increased his speed…

It was obvious we were been followed.

He took a different route, at this point; I became scared that tears dried in my eyes.

I fixed my eyes on Nelson who had this animosity stare in his eyes that I have never seen before from him.

Felix kept following Nelson’s car until Nelson navigated into the Police station and Felix made a U-turn.

This is exactly the point my Blood Pressure got back to normal…

Nelson parked his car and then turned to me.

That was when I noticed a finger-cuts injury on his face.

“Baby, I’m sorry you had to witness this side of me,” Nelson said as he held my hand.

“It’s my fault, Baby, you don’t need to apologize,” I replied as I tried to use my hand to clean the blood that was gushing out from the finger-cuts.

“It’s not your fault my love, the guy is just an ass-hole,” Nelson retorted as he opened his car door to get down.

“Come down, I want us to report this case at the station here,” Nelson urged.

I opened the car door and came down immediately.

Nelson held me by the hand as we walked into the police station.

Immediately some of the constables’ sighted Nelson, they started hailing him.

He teased them a little, and they went ahead to ask him what happened to his face with the finger-cuts.

He told them that someone attacked him and his fiancée…

You needed to see the anger in their tone as they demanded to know the person so that they can go and arrest him.

“He will be handled, Oga dey?” Nelson asked them.

“Yes Sir, make I inform am say you dey around,” one of the constables replied.

“It’s alright,” Nelson replied as he made me sit down while we await the response from the Police Commissioner.

As we waited for the constable that went inside to inform the commissioner that Nelson was waiting, something struck Nelson’s mind.

He brought out his phone and called their driver and told him to bring another car for him at the police station.

“Nelson is really a gentleman,” I thought to myself as I remained speechless.

“Oga, you and madam can go in now,” the constable said as he came out from the commissioner’s office.

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