“Yes! What is it, Felix?” I aggressively asked.

“What are you doing here?” Felix curiously asked.

“Mtcheew…” I hissed and wanted to walk out on him but he dragged me back.

Nelson’s attention was on us as he stood up and walked towards me at the sight of that.

I could no longer control my emotions as I lost it at that minute and gave Felix a resounding slap.

Nelson intervened immediately.

“Baby stop! What’s the matter, young man?” Nelson screamed as he held me and faced Felix.

Felix stood speechless and my anger was still not calming down as I was forcing myself out of Nelson’s grip.

“What is the problem?” Nelson asked Felix for the second time.

“And who the hell are you?” Felix asked Nelson with rage.

“Young man, mind your words…I’m her Fiancé,” Nelson gently replied.

“(Scoffs), Fiancé from where?” Felix asked with anger in his eyes.

At this point, my calm Nelson didn’t want to lose it too as he held me by the hand and we walked back to our hut.

Nelson made me sit on his laps as he pampered me close to his chest.

“It’s okay baby, calm down,” Nelson said in a soothing tone.

Then the waiter surfaced with our order.

After serving it, Nelson made me sit up so that he can feed me with his hands.

I was expecting him to ask and talk about the incident that happened, but no! he didn’t.

His priority was to get my mood back.

He made me sip from his glass of palm wine.

It tasted so sweet that it made me smile at that instant,

“Do you like it?” Nelson asked me with smiles.

“Yes, baby, it’s sweet,” I replied.

“I told you, you would love here,” Nelson reaffirmed.

At that point, I stood up from his laps and brought my seat closer to his as he passed my order to me.

As I tried to pretend and eat the bushmeat, I remembered my mom’s harshness on the phone.

I suddenly lost appetite again.

Little did I know that Nelson was observing.

“Baby, what’s wrong? You are playing with the bushmeat,” Nelson said.

I tried to give a forceful smile but I wasn’t too smart.

“Don’t force it, Baby! What happened out there?” Nelson finally asked.

At the sound of that, I dropped the meat I was holding.

“Baby, I don’t think I’m in a good mood to talk about it now,” I replied.

“But you are making me uncomfortable with your mood switches…was it a bad one that I brought you out here?” Nelson asked.

I became helpless as I saw the tired look in his eyes.

I placed my hand on him, to make him feel better.

“Baby, I’m so sorry that I’m making you feel this way, believe me, it wasn’t intended. I went out there to answer my Mom’s call only to have that messy encounter with that guy,” I said to Nelson.

“Who is the guy?” Nelson cut in.

“My ex,” I replied.

“It’s okay baby. If you want us to go home we can,” Nelson said as he held my hand.

“Don’t worry baby, now I have said something out to you, I will normalize,” I replied with smiles.

“Are you sure?” Nelson asked as he smiled back.

“Yes baby,” I retorted and smiled better.

Nelson drew closer and planted a kiss on my lips.

Then the devil resurfaced!

Just for me to look up, there… was Felix walking into our hut.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want to talk to you in private,” Felix demanded.

“I’m sorry, I have nothing to talk with you, just leave here,” I demanded.

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