Nelson opened the car door for me to enter.

I winked at him as I entered into his car like a Queen.

Nelson joined me immediately as he drove out of his Father’s compound.

“I thought someone would not know places of fun,” I mischievously hinted.

“No baby, I love relaxing once in a while though!” Nelson replied.

He drove to a recreation center that was designed with thatch roofs.

From an aerial view, the place looks like fun already.

“Wow! This kind of place can be found in ABA?” I said in an undertone.

“Yes, Baby! Don’t worry, you will really enjoy your Sunday here with me,” Nelson reassured.

I smiled at his comment.

Nelson drove to a corner and parked his car.

We both came down from the car; Nelson held my hand as we walked to a corner and chose a hut for ourselves.

As we tried to settle down in the hut, an observant waiter walked up to us.

“Sir, what can I get for you and Madam?” the waiter asked.

Nelson ordered for particular specie of bush meat which he confirmed to be really nice, and a can of palm wine (nkwocha).

The waiter took the orders and left immediately to get them ready.

I was just engrossed in nature around the environment.

“This place is beautiful,” I muttered with smiles.

“Yes baby, I knew you would love it here,” Nelson cut in.

I decided to focus on the man right in front of me as I looked into his brown-colored eyeballs…

“Baby, thanks for showing me so much love and understanding,” I said with appreciation to Nelson.

Nelson held with my hands with smiles…

“It’s my responsibility, Baby! You don’t have to thank me for anything because you deserve even more,” Nelson replied.

As I was about saying something to him again, my phone buzzed.

It was from my mom.

And I needed to answer her call.

I used my eyes to scout for a place I can run to, to answer mom’s call…I finally saw one close to the entrance.

“Baby, please let me answer Mom’s call,” I excused myself as I walked towards the entrance.

I picked her phone call immediately…

ME: Mummy, good afternoon.

MY MOM: How are you baby?

ME: I’m fine mom.

MY MOM: Have you gone back to your apartment?

ME: Not yet Mom.

MY MOM: Then when?

ME: I don’t know, but I have bad news.

MY MOM: What is it?

ME: Not confirmed yet, but it’s like I’m pregnant.

MY MOM: What? What?

And my mom hung up***

At the sound of her aggressive tone on the phone, I became scared immediately.

I stood still for some minutes not knowing what to do or say.

“Should I call her back?” I thoughtfully asked myself.

As I stood contemplating on what to do…a hand touched me from the back.

I turned to know who it was, lo and behold; it was the Devil himself…FELIX!


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