“Sophie, are you okay?” Blessing inquisitively asked.

“I’m okay, Bee’,” I replied with forceful smiles.

Blessing drew me close with her hand for me to sit down on the bed.

“Are you pregnant?” Blessing asked.

“I suspect so,” I replied.

“Is it for my brother?” Blessing cut in.

I wanted to tell her that I wasn’t sure but Nelson’s last’s words came to mind…

“Yes!” I replied.

“Wow! I’m not just adding a friend and a sister to the family; I’m equally expecting a niece or nephew. This is the best season menh!” Blessing said with so much excitement.

“But we still need to be sure that I am pregnant by tomorrow after visiting the hospital for confirmation,” I cut in.

“I know naa…or they have sent you to give this my joy double thoughts? Sophie, leave me to dance abeg…Mom and Dad would love this news o. At least they will stop disturbing us with the everyday talks about grandchildren.

“No, Bee’, don’t tell them yet o,” I advised.

“I know naa…how can I be the one to tell them? It’s Nelson’s decision to tell them at his timing,” Blessing retorted.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Oya tell me, how are you feeling? Are you noticing any movement in your belle?” Blessing inquisitively asked.

“Bee’ leave me joor…you are just very funny,” I replied as I stood up from the bed in search of what to wear.

“Tell me naa, I don’t know why you like hoarding information hush! hush!” Blessing chimed in.

“You are just YOU, Bee’,” I replied with giggling.

“By the way, where are you going?” Blessing asked.

“I’m going out with Nelson,” I replied.

“Chai! This una love be like the movies o, so romantic. Sophie, so you and Nelson want to celebrate this good news alone bah?” Blessing asked.

“Bee’ don’t worry, I will get you something on my way back,” I replied because I didn’t want to let her know that I actually wanted her to follow us but her brother refused.

“You better do o,” Blessing said with smiles.

“But you haven’t told me how you are feeling o,” Blessing further queried.

“Bee’ I’m feeling normal,” I replied with a frustrated look to her disturbances.

“Really? I thought the baby should be moving already,” Blessing said.

I just shook my head at the sound of her last comment.

“Bee’ can be a pain in the ass sometimes though,” I thought to myself as I concentrated on getting ready before Nelson starts to disturb me.

“In fact, let me leave you to concentrate,” Blessing said as she left the room.

I had to wear a mild makeup just to cover my teary eyes.

As I was doing that I didn’t know when Nelson tiptoed into the room and was admiring me.

As I was about to turn my back to wear footwear, his presence startled me.

“Baby, how long have you been standing there?” I asked.

“Long enough to know that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” Nelson complimented as he drew close to me and held me.

“Baby, don’t do that in your mind, you will ruin my makeup,” I said to Nelson.

“I won’t baby, don’t be scared,” Nelson assured with inviting smiles.

I just playfully pushed him away.

“Please shift from me before I do the kissing myself,” I said with smiles as I reached for my footwear.

“So I’m now so tempting that daughter of Zion cannot resist me, that’s good to know,” Nelson teased himself.

“Don’t even romance your ego,” I cut in with loud laughter.

Nelson joined me in the laughter as I announced my readiness to him.

“Oga sir, I am ready!” I said with a crude accent.

“Okay, Oga madam, right after you,” Nelson mimicked as we both left the room to his car.

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