I needed that closure at that moment, so I hugged him so tight.

“I’m here baby, I’m here for you. Don’t be scared because I’m going nowhere,” Nelson reaffirmed in an undertone.

All I wanted at that moment was to sleep in his embrace.

After about a few minutes, we disengaged from the hug as I made a request that broke his heart.

“Baby!” I called him in a soft tone.

“Yes, my love,” Nelson replied.

“Please, I want you to move on with your life, I don’t deserve you,” I demanded.

“Don’t ever say that to me, Baby! That’s wickedness…what about me? “

“Why do you want to get selfish at this point?”

“Sophie…I love you and not even a thousand pregnancy cases can change that.”

“Please don’t do this to me. It’s bad enough that I can’t do without you.”

“What if this baby is mine? Have you thought of that too?”

Those were Nelson’s words to me.

At the sound of his last statement, it made me have a re-think…

“What if this baby is his?”

“Then why am I crying and strongly believing that it’s for Felix?”

I thoughtfully asked myself.

At that minute, I had to loosen up a bit because of that flash of thought.

I looked at the Angel God gave me in the form of a human…Nelson.

I didn’t know what to say or do to him seeing the fears in his eyes.

I just locked my lips with his at that instant.

He wasn’t expecting such a reaction at that moment.

I kissed him so passionately as we both lay on the bed and held ourselves so close.

“I’m sorry baby, I never want to lose you for anyone or anything in this world,” I whispered into Nelson’s ears.

At the sound of those words from me, Nelson kissed me so passionately that his hands started moving as usual.

But that wasn’t what I needed at the moment, so I had to subtly stop him.

“Baby, I need to go back to my apartment,” I subtly reminded Nelson.

“I can’t allow you to go; I’m sorry. You need all the love and attention at this moment. Besides, we need to visit the hospital together tomorrow,” Nelson shrugged.

“But Baby, you can still come and pick me up for us to visit the hospital tomorrow! I have already registered my departure with your parents,” I cut in.

“Something can always come up, Baby! Leave that to me, I will handle it,” Nelson retorted.

I went speechless at that minute because I needed a free space to talk to my mom alone.

“Baby! This is our first child and I want to take care of you right from the start,” Nelson said to me as he fixed his eyes on mine.

As I stared at him I wondered the kind of man he is because his understanding and kindness were so unusual.

“So why don’t you dress up and let me take you somewhere you would love, just to bring back those beautiful smiles of yours,” Nelson proposed with a wink.

“God! I just love this man. Please let this baby be his,” I thought to myself as I smiled back at his proposal.

“Can your sister come with us?” I asked.

“Nope! This is just for me and the queen of my heart,” Nelson replied without a second thought.

His attitude towards his refusal made me giggle.

“Bighead!” I exclaimed.

“Thank you, I’m a proud big head,” Nelson said as he stood up from the bed.

“Let me go wear something nice while I give you time to dress and gossip with Blessing.”

“Hey, it’s our baby, don’t forget that!” Nelson said as he left Blessing’s room to his.

I was just staring at him with smiles and happiness in my heart.

“How did I get this lucky?” was the only question in my heart.

Immediately he left, Blessing entered back into her room as if she was timing us.

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