I started vomiting in the toilet, and that got Blessing’s attention.

“Are you okay?” Blessing asked.

I ignored as I tried to rinse my mouth.

“Sophie!” Blessing called out in panic.

“Bee’, please don’t even start,” I replied as I climbed the bed.

“Are you feeling sick?” Blessing asked again.

“No!,” I cut in.

“Calm down Sophie….when last did you see your period?” Blessing asked.

“I don’t know,” I retorted.

“Calculate it naa,” Blessing curiously said.

As I was about responding to her, her door opened.

It was Nelson.

As Blessing saw Nelson, she left the room.

Tears dropped down my eyes in fear.

Nelson sat beside me in bed and held me.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Nelson asked.

“Nothing!” I replied as I stood up from the bed and walked to Blessing’s wardrobe.

I started packing my bag to go back to my apartment before Nelson walked up to me and held my hand.

“Baby talk to me, why are you crying?” Nelson concernedly asked.

“I’m fine,” I replied as I struggled to loosen, myself from his grip.

Blessing barged in on us…

“Brother, I think she is pregnant,” Blessing said to Nelson.

“What happened?” Nelson asked Blessing.

“I can’t say but we were together and she ran into the toilet to vomit,” Blessing narrated.

“Did she run a test?” Nelson further asked.

“No! But from her expression it’s obvious,” Blessing said.

I didn’t say a word to any of them but my tears said it all.

I was done packing and I had to change my clothes so that I can leave.

“Is that why she’s crying and packing her bag?” Nelson asked.

“Babe! Stop and talk with your man,” Blessing held me.

“I don’t have anything to say,” I replied as tears rolled down my eyes.

“Blessing, please leave us,” Nelson demanded.

Blessing left immediately….

Nelson held me and dragged me to the bed.

He hugged me so tight for some minutes and I cried on his shoulders.

He held and consoled me.

After about 10 minutes, he looked into my eyes and asked me the dreaded question.

“Are you Pregnant?” Nelson asked.

“I think so,” I replied.

“Is it for me?” Nelson asked.

“I don’t know, Baby!” I cut in.

“It’s okay, just stop crying. We will go run a Lab test tomorrow,” Nelson said.

“Alright,” I retorted.

“And if the baby is not mine, I will still accept it. It won’t stop anything,” Nelson chimed in.

I looked at him with amazement as I wondered if he meant what he just said.

Nelson read meanings to my looks as he reaffirmed his stand.

“Yes, it won’t stop our marriage plans because I can’t leave the love we share because of an innocent baby. I will take the child and father him or her.”

“Baby, I love you so much and nothing will ever change that,” Nelson said with a kiss as he wiped my tears with his hands.

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