I just climbed Blessing’s bed to relax so that the food can digest.

Blessing had to put on the TV set for fun relaxation.

She joined me in bed as we both fixed our eyes on the program on the Television.

“I don’t want to disturb Greg again,” Blessing said.

I turned to her to see her facial expression.

“What’s the problem?” I asked as in drew closer to her.

“Nothing! It’s obvious I’m the one going after him,” Blessing replied.

At the sound of that, I went speechless.

Looking at Blessing, she was really hurting.

It’s not easy when you love someone without getting the same amount of love back.

I didn’t know what to tell her other than to hold her hands.

Tears dropped from her eyes at that minute.

“It’s okay Bee’, I understand,” I chimed in.

At that point, I had a feel of what Greg might equally be feeling towards me.

“And the problem is that we can’t control whom our hearts choose to love.”

“It’s a frustrating experience!”

Those were my speechless thoughts as I stared at Blessing and how bad she felt.

After about a minute, Blessing cleaned her tears.

I didn’t know what to be saying to her.

Then my brother Kelenna came to my mind.

“Maybe I should tell Kelenna about her, she did the same for me.”

“My only problem is that Kelenna likes books too much, will he have time for such?”

“But there’s no harm in trial…I will talk to my brother.”

Those were my thoughts as I just muttered something to her.

“Don’t worry, the right guy will love and seek your attention.”

“I know, and that’s why I have decided to let go of Greg and wait for the right man,” Blessing cut in.

“It’s okay, I understand. Don’t worry, all will be fine,” I consoled.

“Thanks, Sophie. I am happy for you and I admire your love with my brother and I know someone out there will treat me the same way, which is why I have decided to wait for that someone,” Blessing retorted with smiles.

As I was about to say the next word, my phone buzzed.

I looked at the phone to know who the caller was and I found out it was Nelson.

I refused to pick up because I didn’t want anything that will make me leave the presence of Blessing at that state.

“Your man will be so lucky to have a good woman like you,” I said to Blessing, with smiles.

And Nelson called my phone again….

This time around, I had to pick the phone and put it on silence.

“Who is that?” Blessing cut in.

“It’s nobody serious!” I replied as I dropped the phone.

“Is it Felix?” Blessing asked.

“No dear,” I replied.

“Talking of that one, has he called you yet?” Blessing asked.

“No dear, but what should I do with his stupid call?” I angrily asked.

“It’s okay, just forget that you met such an idiot,” Blessing said.

“And someone has turned to advise me when I should be doing that,” I teased Blessing.

We both giggled at my comment.

As I was about to ask her something about Nelson, I felt this nauseating sensation in me that made me rush into the toilet.

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