As we walked to the dining together, Nelson’s mom said something in an undertone to me.

“Sophie baby, please I want Grandchildren as soon as possible o,” Nelson’s mom said with sarcasm in an undertone.

We both laughed aloud as we approached the dining table.

Nelson’s Dad was already seated.

“Good day Sir,” I greeted as I drew out a dining seat to sit down.

“How are you my daughter?” Nelson’s Dad replied.

“I’m fine, Sir,” I cut in.

“Hope you enjoyed your night?” Nelson’s Dad further asked.

“Yes, I did,” I replied with smiles.

Then Blessing walked in on us with Nelson.

Nelson gave me a wink as he drew out a dining seat to sit down.

He sat directly opposite where I was sitting.

It was Sunday Fried rice and we dished out food and started eating.

Nelson fixed his eyes on me through-out lunch.

I pretended as if I wasn’t seeing him until he upgraded his attention-seeking to give me Footsie.

I looked up to his eyes and smiled.

He smiled back without knowing that his Mom was observing us.

“Nelson, I know you love Sophie so much but can you concentrate on your food and let the poor girl be?” Nelson’s mom said with a tone of sarcasm.

Everyone in the dining started laughing at Nelson.

It wasn’t expected and it made everyone laugh aloud.

“Honey, concentrate and free the love birds to enjoy their love,” Nelson’s Dad cut in.

“Dad so you believed this accusation?” Nelson asked with smiles.

“I have to believe my Wife, Son,” Nelson’s Dad replied with smiles.

I never knew that such an accomplished man can be that playful.

“This table is no longer suitable for me as singular in this house,” Blessing chimed in.

We all laughed aloud again.

It was fun with the family at the dining.

“Mom, Dad, I will be going back to my apartment this evening,” I announced at the dining.

I looked at Nelson’s face and he was surprised at such an announcement.

“Why so soon my daughter? Can’t you stay with us until you conclude your program?” Nelson’s Dad suggestively asked.

“That’s true baby, stay with us,” Nelson’s mom concurred.

“I will always visit,” I replied with smiles.

“If you insist, it’s okay. Your husband will drop you off,” Nelson’s Dad conclusively said.

We all smiled as Nelson’s parents concluded their eating and left the dining.

Blessing and I stood up and started clearing the dining table.

But Nelson just left the dining without a word or smile.

“It’s like your hubby is angry with your announcement,” Blessing said to me.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him,” I replied as we carried away the used dishes.

“Just go and pet him more,” Blessing suggested.

“Don’t worry, he will come to pet me,” I retorted as we left the kitchen and walked back into Blessing’s room.

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