“Can I join you in there?” Nelson screamed.

“No, big head!” I replied and locked the bathroom door because Nelson can be mischievous.

After about an extra 10 minutes, I was done in the bathroom as I walked out of the bathroom.

I wrapped his towel around my body as I reached for my playsuit.

I wore my playsuit and lay on the bed with Nelson.

Nelson drew closer to me and held me from the back.

“Baby, I promise to make you happy as long as I live,” Nelson whispered into my ears.

I just smiled at his words and prayed in my heart that I will also do the same to him.

He held me close as we both slept off.

After like an hour, my phone buzzed, and that woke me up.

It was from Blessing.

I picked up immediately…

BLESSING: Babe, come to the room.

ME: It’s alright.

And she hung up***

As I was about to climb down from Nelson’s bed, he woke up!

“Baby, where are you going?” Nelson asked in a sleepy tone.

“Your sister called me,” I replied.

“For what?” Nelson cut in.

“That’s what I am going to find out,” I retorted.

“Mtcheeew…,” Nelson hissed.

I ignored his mood and left his room to Blessing’s.

As I got to her door, I opened the door and walked in.

“Babe, sorry I had to call you that way, just that Mom came looking for you and I lied that her that you were using the toilet,” Blessing said.

“OMG! Are they back already?” I asked as I sat on the bed.

“Yes, so we will meet them at the dining table so that she will believe you were in the toilet,” Blessing suggested.

“Thanks, babe. It’s your brother, he will not allow me to be,” I lamented.

“It’s okay, he’s a man and won’t understand,” Blessing chimed in.

“Let’s go and join them in the dining because they will soon leave for another meeting and to attend to their Sunday visitors,” Blessing beckoned.

“I would equally announce to them that I would be going back to my apartment later this evening in case,” I cut in.

“That’s okay. But I was thinking that my sister-in-law can move in to share my room with me,” Blessing teased as we walked out of her room.

As we were on our way to the dining, we saw Nelson’s Mom half-way.

“Good day Mom,” I greeted.

“Thank you, my beautiful girl, I came looking for you,” Nelson’s Mom replied.

“Yes, I heard your voice from the toilet,” I retorted.

“I would love to have your mom’s phone number. Nelson’s Dad would want the marriage plans to commence immediately,” Nelson’s Mom said with excitement.

“It’s alright Mom,” I replied.

“Thank you. Let’s move to the dining; Meanwhile, where is Nelson?” She asked.

“Mom, he should be in his room,” Blessing replied.

“Go and call him, while I walk down to the dining with Sophie,” Nelson’s Mom demanded of Blessing as she held my right hand and walked down the stairs to the dining.

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