I walked towards Blessing’s room and I started to dial my mom’s phone.

I opened Blessing’s door and went inside, and my Mom picked up immediately.

ME: Good morning, Mom.

MY MOM: How are you, my baby?

ME: I’m okay, mom.

MY MOM: How was the meeting with Nelson’s parents?

ME: Fine mom. They organized a surprised engagement party for us.

MY MOM: Wow! That’s lovely. I’m happy for you baby.

ME: Thank you, Mom.

MY MOM: So are you still coming home next weekend.

ME: Yes Mom, but I might come with Nelson.

MY MOM: That’s lovely. I will know how to communicate with your Dad about the changes.

ME: Thank you, Mom.

MY MOM: You are welcome, I want to ask, has Felix called since then?

ME: No Mom.

MY MOM: Do you still love him?

ME: Mom, I can’t love someone that didn’t treat me right.

MY MOM: It’s okay, I understand.

ME: Thanks, Mom.

MY MOM: Talk to you later then.

ME: Alright Mom.

And she hung up***

Blessing wasn’t in her room and I didn’t know the part of the house she was.

I called her phone and I found out her phone was in the room.

I just lay on the bed and start enjoying the company of my phone.

Then my phone buzzed again…

It was from Nelson.

I smiled and refused to pick the first call.

And he called again.

I picked the second call.

NELSON: Hey, Baby.

ME: What can I do for you?

NELSON: Come to my room, please.

ME: Sweet, I just left you.

NELSON: I know, please just come. I promise not to touch you.

ME: I can’t come. I want to sleep.

NELSON: Come and sleep in my room.

ME: Sweet, we are at your parent’s.

NELSON: Dad and Mom don’t come to our rooms; they can call you on the phone to come. Besides, I’m not a baby naa.

ME: Sweet, I will see you later.

NELSON: Don’t force me to come and hijack you from Blessing’s room.

ME: You can’t because I will lock the room.

NELSON: Baby please……, you know it’s not my fault. I want to be seeing you every minute. Please have pity on a lover boy.

I chuckled and went speechless.

NELSON: Talk to me naa.

ME: I’m coming.

NELSON: Thank you, Baby.

And he hung up***

I stood up from Blessing’s bed and walked out to Nelson’s room.

He opened the door and welcomed me in.

He locked his door and started kissing me immediately.

I was thinking that he will keep his promise this time, but I was disappointed.

We kissed until we found ourselves on the bed.

He removed my playsuit and used his mouth on my nipples that it got me wanting him as much as he wanted me.

He continued kissing every part of my body until he got to my neatly shaved vagina.

He used his tongue on my clitoris as if he was licking a lollipop.

I couldn’t help myself anymore as I had to moan in ecstasy.

That was the best of foreplay I have ever had in a long while.

He finally inserted his healthy penis into my vagina and we made love in a memorable way.

After about 15 minutes of thrusting, he finally jerked inside my vagina.

“That was sweet,” Nelson exclaimed as he slumped tiredly on the bed facing the ceiling.

“Why did you jerk inside?” I asked with a scary tone.

“Because I’m very much prepared for any outcome,” Nelson replied.

Nelson turned to me and pecked me.

“Baby, I’m addicted to you. Your body is the sweetest I have ever had. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep to my promise over the phone, but I wanted to. Anytime I set my eyes on you, all I want is to be in your arms. I’m sorry,” Nelson explained with a sincere look of apology.

“It’s okay baby, let me run another bath in your bathroom,” I said as I climbed down of his bed with my naked self and walked into his bathroom.

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