I got to Nelson’s room and I knocked at the door.

He opened up immediately as if he was waiting already at the door.

I looked at his smiling face and I smiled back.

“Good morning, Baby,” I greeted as I walked into his room.

“How was your night without me?” Nelson playfully asked as he shut his door.

“Fine,” I giggled as I climbed his bed to admire the breakfast that was on the bed.

Nelson joined me as we both sat opposite each other.

He reached for my hands with smiles on his lips.

“Baby, I want us to travel to Port Harcourt next weekend to see your parents. I want us to be done with everything about our wedding in two months’ time since you would be passing out from your NYSC program by next month,” Nelson said as he fixed his eyes on mine.

“Baby, why so fast?” I cut in.

“Because I wouldn’t want to be stealing from food that is mine,” Nelson replied.

I smiled at his comment and that equally made me speechless.

“Enough of us, let’s start with the breakfast before it gets cold baby,” Nelson demanded as he opened the covered plates.

It was chips with ketchup, fried chicken, and a jug of hot tea.

We talked about last night’s surprised engagement party as we ate.

After about 45 minutes of eating, talking, and laughing, we were done with our breakfast.

Nelson took away the used teacups and plates to the kitchen.

I just lay down on his bed and focused on the “the Johnson’s” on African Magic 152.

After about an extra 5 minutes, he joined me in his room.

He jumped into bed to play with me.

“See Baby, better respect yourself o. We are in your Father’s house,” I playfully warned him.

Trust the stubborn big head, he didn’t even listen.

“It’s my Father’s house and I’m in my room,” Nelson replied.

His response made me giggle.

“Oya, let me go and stay with Blessing, we haven’t finished our gossip,” I chimed in as I tried loosening my hands from his grip.

“Who is Blessing again?” Nelson sarcastically asked.

I wasn’t expecting such a display of sarcasm from him, so that made me laugh out loud and he joined me.

“Okay, what do you want Mister Man,” I gently asked.

“Good! Now you are talking. Hmm…I want to kiss my baby and tell her how I missed her in my arms last night,” Nelson retorted.

“Is that all?” I asked.

“Yes Baby, but we will move as the spirit leads,” Nelson cut in.

“Then you are not serious,” I said as I made move to leave his bed.

“No! No, No, Baby, okay it’s just the kiss,” Nelson said as he tried to stop me.

“If you exceed that what should I do to you?” I asked.

“Kiss me more,” Nelson replied as he laughed out loud and drew me closer to himself.

I smiled at his naughtiness.

“Baby, I just enjoy you around me, it’s not necessarily the kiss and all. I just want you to spend more time with me here,” Nelson said as he fixed his seductive eyes on mine.

“Baby, I understand, but this is your Family house and we both need to comport ourselves,” I replied.

“It’s okay. Can I get my kisses now?” Nelson demanded as he drew my face closer.

He locked his lips with mine as we kissed so passionately and his uncontrolled hands started moving from my breast to my thighs.

I equally didn’t want him to stop as I played ignorant to what he was about to do before my phone buzzed.

Then, I made him stop as I reached for my phone to know who the caller was……..and it was my Mom.

I had to move away from his body as I readjusted my playsuit that was already half-way leaving my body.

I looked at Nelson who was already hard with a visible erection.

I almost laughed at him but I suppressed it because I didn’t want him feeling bad.

He was still looking at me expectantly as I stood up from his bed and took my phone to leave his room.

“Baby, do you want to leave me like this?” Nelson asked pointing at his hard erection.

“Baby, that wasn’t our agreement. I will see you later, let me talk to my mom,” I replied as I left his room.

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