It was a Sunday morning, and Blessing and I weren’t ready to join her parents to church.

The parents ignored our sleepy heads and went to church without us.

We woke up at about 8:30 AM.

And it was actually my loud ringtone that woke us up.

It was Nelson that was calling….

I had to pick up the call.

NELSON: Hello baby.

ME: Good morning dear.

NELSON: Don’t tell me you girls are still sleeping?

ME: You just woke me up.

NELSON: Well, that’s good enough. Why are you girls still sleeping?

ME: Baby, we kinda slept late.


ME: We were discussing.

NELSON: Discussion? Or more like gossip?

ME: Haa! Baby, please naa, I’m just waking up.

NELSON: It’s Okay, I’m sorry. Go in and freshen up and meet me up in my room let’s do breakfast together.

ME: Alright.

NELSON: I’m waiting…

And he hung up***

I turned towards Blessing and exchanged good morning wishes.

“Bee’ good morning,” I greeted with smiles.

“Same to you Babe, how was your night?” Blessing replied.

“Fine o,” I retorted as I jumped out of bed.

“So Nelson can no longer sleep or do anything without you?” Blessing cut in.

I went speechless as I stretched my body and giggled.

“Biko (please), me I need my man too. The way you are Nelson are going, you two can push someone into trouble with una love,” Blessing said as she repositioned to sit on the bed.

“Don’t worry Bee’, Greg will come knocking soon,” I ridiculed her in a sarcastic tone.

“Taa! (Stop), which Greg? The one that doesn’t even look at me twice or which one again? Abegi (please), allow me to count my losses o,” Blessing replied with “I wish” smiles.

“Haba! Don’t sound like that naa. I think you should stop giving him attention, maybe he will miss your care and begin to seek your attention back,” I chimed in.

“You might be right though! I just don’t know why I like Greg a lot,” Blessing said in an undertone.

“Greg is likable because I see him as a great guy too. But I need to equally tell you to have an open mind about this, because most times, those we like are not always good for us,” I advised.

“Now, you are talking from experience,” Blessing cut in.

“Biko (please) free me, let me run a quick shower and go and meet your brother,” I said to Blessing as I rushed into the bathroom to freshen up.

“Nne! Golibe biko (enjoy please), it’s your time to smile,” Blessing screamed to my hearing.

I laughed at her comment as I brushed my teeth.

After about an extra 15 minutes, I was out of the bathroom but Blessing wasn’t in the room anymore.

I searched in my bag and I found a casual flora playsuit.

I wore it and applied deodorants to smell nice.

As I was about to step out of the room, Blessing came right back in.

“Hmm! Sophie, you are so pretty. This playsuit is beautiful but I’m too fat that I can’t take it away from you. Seriously can’t wait to meet my Nephews and Nieces. Well, I’m sure Nelson is no fool because he should be lured into taking morning juice when he sees you looking like this,” Blessing complimented.

“You are just a good Ewu (goat),” I sarcastically replied as we both laughed at her last sentence and I walked out of the room to Nelson’s.

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  1. Am praying that Felix will not spoil things for them oo, hmm because Sophie loves him more than Nelson

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