At about 5:30 Pm, my phone buzzed.

The ringtone actually woke us up from sleep.

It was Blessing that was calling…

I picked the call immediately.

(In a sleepy tone)

ME: Babe

BLESSING: Where una dey naa?

ME: What’s up?

BLESSING: Dad and Mom are ready and waiting for you guys.

ME: Are you serious?

(I jumped out of bed).

BLESSING: Yes o. You guys should start coming.

ME: Alright, we are coming.

And she hung up***

“Baby, what is it?” Nelson asked.

“Your parents are waiting for us,” I replied as I rushed into the bathroom to freshen up again.

I hurriedly had my bath and rushed out of the bathroom.

Nelson went into the washroom immediately I came out.

I searched my bag and brought out a catchy outfit and quietly sat pretty to have a mild makeup since it was already evening.

After about an extra 30 minutes, we were both ready to check out of the hotel.

Nelson carried my bag as we walked to the reception to submit our room key and announce our departure.

After which we walked straight to Nelson’s SUV and drove out immediately.

We drove into Nelson’s compound at about 7:15 pm.

He parked in their parking lot.

“Baby, I know you are nervous, it’s normal but I just want you to be yourself…I’m here to protect you in areas you grow speechless,” Nelson said as he looked into my tensed eyes.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“It’s okay, Baby,” Nelson cut in with a peck on my forehead.

We got down and Nelson held me by the hand as we both walked into his Father’s Mansion.

Little did we know that we were walking into an engagement party of Nelson’s family members and some of his Father’s business associates.

It was a surprise as everyone was beautifully dressed with so much to eat and drink.

“What a Family?”

“But why am I been treated like a queen like this?”

Those were the conflicting thoughts going on in my head as Nelson came and dragged me from where I was seated.

“Come and meet my big cousin,” Nelson demanded as we walked towards the cousin.

That night was fun because I met a lot of people and they were all nice to me.

At about 10:30 pm, the party was over as we were only left with ourselves…Nelson’s parents, Blessing and their maids.

It was a fun party.

“Sophie, we will talk more tomorrow, I want to retire to bed now,” Nelson’s Dad said as he walked into his room.

“Alright, Sir. Good night,” I politely replied.

Blessing dragged me to her room for us to gossip some more but I was already tired.

“Gist me how everything happened o,” Blessing said.

“Bee’ the truth is that your sister In-law is tired o. Let’s leave this gossip tomorrow naa?” I pleaded.

“Which Yeye sleep be that? Biko (Please), wash your face make we gist.

As we were busy dragging about the gossip and sleep, Nelson walked into Blessing’s room.

Nelson was carrying my bag in his hands…

“Baby, let’s go to bed,” Nelson demanded.

“Bros abeg no provoke me o, when that one start sef? Because you wan marry abi?” Blessing sarcastically cut in.

I burst into loud laughter and Nelson joined me…even Blessing joined the chorus.

“Baby, I would be staying in Blessing’s room, we have some catching up to do,” I chimed in as I took my bag from Nelson’s hands.

“It’s alright my love, Good night,” Nelson replied with a peck as he walked to his room.

As I turned to picture Blessing’s face, it made me laugh some more as I locked the door.

“Seriously, my brother is making me feel jealous,” Blessing said.

“Not like that naa,” I said to Blessing as she walked into the bathroom to wash off the fun of the night.

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