I distracted myself with my phone as Nelson placed orders for two.

When he was done he joined me inside the Duvet and held me close to his chest.

Nelson kept reassuring me of his undying love…

“Baby, I don’t want to imagine not seeing you every day.”

“It’s really going to be trouble for me after this weekend because I know you will stubbornly wish to go back to your space,” Nelson intuitively said.

I giggled at his comment as he continued talking…

“I just want you to know that you are my source of happiness and I won’t change as many men do…It’s a promise, baby,” Nelson reassured as he held me tight to himself.

We started kissing and we were getting carried away as a knock came at the door.

We paused and I really wanted to kiss some more because Nelson is a good kisser.

“It must be what we ordered,” Nelson muttered as he moved close to get the door.

I had to readjust my left breast that was out of my dress.

Nelson opened the door and the hotel staff that brought the order came in to serve them.

After about two minutes, the hotel staff left the room.

Nelson came to me and we kissed some more…

“Baby, let’s eat now before I die on top of you,” Nelson whispered with a tone of sarcasm.

We both giggled as we disengaged and went to the cushion to eat.

We kept talking about different things as we ate happily.

Suddenly a call came into Nelson’s phone.

And since Nelson’s phone was on the table in front of us, the caller’s name popped out.

It was a female contact, Queen!

I just focused my attention on his expressions to read who she is to him.

He refused to pick the call.

Then the caller called for the second time and he looked at me to observe my facial expressions but I was smart enough to be expressionless.

Then he was forced to pick the call.

From the call, it’s obvious she’s a close friend.

But what made me feel relaxed was when Nelson told her that he is about to get married.

The caller sounded happy for him as she ended the call about a minute and a few seconds.

Then we continued eating but in a quieter mood.

We were done with the meal and I felt so heavy and tired.

I climbed the bed immediately to rest or probably sleep.

Nelson joined me immediately and drew me closer to his chest.

“Baby! I know you are wondering who the last caller is to me, but I will tell you,” Nelson chimed in.

“No Baby, it’s not necessary, I’m not really bothered about your female calls, of course; you should have friends that are female,” I cut in.

“No Baby! Don’t sound that way. I owe it to you to explain some friends to you,” Nelson retorted with a peck on my forehead.

I went speechless as he went ahead to explain who the last caller is to him.

“Her name is Queen, and she is my classmate abroad and she is still there. But as a man I would confess to you that it seems she likes me which was why I had to tell her about my engagement so that she would not continuously keep hoping that something will happen between us,” Nelson narrated.

“But that’s painful and hurting. You shouldn’t have broken that news the way you did,” I pitifully said.

“I know, but I am getting tired of her calls and I don’t know why I am not attracted to her. She is a nice woman and I want her to move away from her fantasy dreams that will never come to pass.

“It’s Okay Baby,” I cut in.

“I’m sorry for changing the tempo between us during lunch,” Nelson apologized.

“Baby it’s okay,” I replied as I drew closer to his body.

And he held me so tight as we both slept off without knowing when we did***

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