FELIX: Hello…

ME: Hi

FELIX: Where can I meet with you?

ME: I’m in my apartment now, you can come over.

FELIX: Alright…on my way.

And he hung up ***

I had to change my dress into something casual as I waited for Felix.

After about an extra 20 minutes, he was in front of my apartment.

He knocked and I opened the door, and then paved the way for him to enter.

I locked my door as I went to my foam and sat down.

He stood up confused, not knowing what to do.

“Sit down,” I beckoned.

I think that brought back his senses and reduced his tension mood.

Felix sat down and we both went silent on each other for 10 minutes.

Then my phone buzzed to break the silence…

It was from Nelson and I couldn’t pick his call in such a situation.

So I had to send him a text message that I will return his call later.

I think the call opened Felix’s mouth to talk.

“Sophie, I don’t deserve you. Please, believe me when I tell you that I love you. The problem is that my family wants me to marry Tracy, a family friend. She visited me a few months before I came back to Nigeria, and on my arrival, I found out she’s pregnant for me already. She’s currently in my Family house that was why I didn’t allow you to come in. Everyone likes her and wants me to settle for her but Sophie, you are the one I want. I just don’t know what to do about this complex situation,” Felix narrated.

As I heard his confessions, tears rolled down.

“How can humans be this wicked. You knew all these, and yet you slept with me. Met my parents and made me feel as if I was the only one in your life?” I asked in a teary tone.

“I’m sorry Sophie, I was confused. I don’t want Tracy, my family wants her,” Felix pleaded on his knees.

“Shut your mouth,” I screamed in tears.

“Your family wants her but you paid for her to visit you and you equally planted your seed in her….what a good way to lie, Felix!” I cried.

“I didn’t pay for her visit. She paid and sponsored her visit. She is a practicing medical doctor,” Felix retorted.

“And I am a practicing Zombie right?” I cut in.

“No baby, that was why I wanted you to get pregnant so that I can fight my family with that,” Felix said as he left his seat to come to hold me on my foam.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t” I yelled at him.

He withdrew from coming close to me.

“Leave my house now,” I demanded of Felix.

“Baby, please I am sorry. I love you,” he pleaded.

“Leave my house this minute,” I screamed in tears.

Felix stood up and left immediately.

I fell to my pillow and cried out in pain.

At that point, the only person I wished to see was my mom.

The pain was unbearable for me.

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