“Haa! Which kind of question be that naa? Abi, Blessing no be my friend too?” Greg replied.

With such a reply, I had to loosen up a bit because I suddenly started seeing him as Felix’s informant.

“I’m sorry for asking you such a question, just that you were the last person I expected to see here,” I retorted.

“It’s Okay, I perfectly do understand. Meanwhile, you look stunning,” Greg complimented with smiles.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Your man nko?” Greg asked.

“I don’t want to talk about him now,” I replied.

“What’s the problem again?” Greg concernedly asked.

“Nothing I can’t handle, but I don’t want to talk about it now,” I repeated.

“It’s alright then, I haven’t seen Blessing since I walked in here, do you know where I can find her?” Greg queried.

“Sure! Just follow the second corridor, I think she’s sorting out some things with those in charge of food,” I replied.

As Greg was about to leave my presence, Nelson walked up to us to interrupt.

“Hey, beautiful, who are you getting me jealous with?” Nelson cut in as he wrapped his hands around my waist as a sign of ownership.

At that point, I went blank with the right expression to put up.

As Greg and nelson waited for a few seconds for me to find myself with the right words for an introduction and I remained lost, Greg had to introduce himself.

“Good day to you. I’m Greg.”

“Okay, Greg, nice to meet you. I’m sorry because I need to take away this princess from you now,” Nelson said as he gently made us walk out on Greg.

I couldn’t help but notice the jaw-dropping expression that Greg gave me.

I instantly became uncomfortable with the public display of affection from Nelson.

I started imagining what was going on in Greg’s mind.

“I know he will report to Felix what he saw.”

“But it’s not as if I care o.”

“Wait a minute o, Nelson’s pattern is what I don’t quite understand.”

“How can I be sampled as someone’s girlfriend and the person hasn’t even asked me on a date?”

“Sophie….you have started with this your nice and good heart attitude.”

“At least if I must play along with Nelson’s games, I should be smart not to play along with my emotions.”

Those were my conflicting thoughts as Nelson interrupted with his request.

“Baby, sit down here.”

I was brought back to my reality as I noticed that it was only Nelson and me in their big bar.

“Who was the guy? Because you have been behaving a little weird since we left his presence,” Nelson curiously asked.

“He’s a friend. In fact, Blessing invited him to your party. He’s a corp member too,” I replied as I tried forcing smiles.

“Okay, now I see. Is he the Greg my sister has been telling me about?” Nelson muttered out as he grinned from one side of his mouth to another.

“What about him?” I inquisitively cut in.

“Nothing bad! But I think she seriously likes Greg,” Nelson replied as he popped a red wine to pour into our glasses.

“Really? Why did you conclude that way?” I further asked.

“Let’s forget Greg and blessing, they are not the reason I brought you here,” Nelson said as he handed a glass of wine to me.

He took a sip and dropped his on the table, to hold my hand.

“Baby, I’m sorry for the happenings of today. But I must thank you for standing in for me because most of my relatives actually came to know if I was single or not,” he said.

“It’s okay, I understand,” I retorted.

“Thank you. But Sophie, I don’t know how what I’m about to say will sound in your ears but I like you a lot. I want more. I want you in my life as my one and only woman. I understand it’s sudden which is why I’m proposing you think it through before giving me an answer,” Nelson professed.

I wasn’t expecting him to say the words he said and that left me speechless.

Then my phone buzzed immediately to salvage the situation.

It was Felix.

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