After about 15 minutes in the bathroom, I came out while Blessing rushed in.

I started with my make-up because I wanted to look my best that evening.

While I was at it, I got a knock on the door, I wrapped my towel well and went to get the door.

It was from Nelson!

I couldn’t help but smile at his looks.

“You look good!” I complimented with smiles.

He smiled and replied, “Thanks, baby.”

“Hmm…Baby? Since when?” I thought to myself as I politely asked him what he came for.

“Blessing is in the bathroom,” I said.

“Well, I’m not here to see her. I came here to see your pretty face before I meet Daddy and his friends,” he replied with seductive smiles.

“That’s nice of you. Now you have seen me, you can then run along,” I replied as I playfully pushed him away and closed the door.

He kept smiling at me and that made me shy.

Just for me to turn around and continue with my make-up and I found Blessing looking at me like a smart owner that caught a thief.

“How long have you been standing there?” I curiously asked.

“Long enough to see the chemistry between you two,” Blessing retorted.

“Bee, stop it jare, there’s no chemistry,” I replied as I went back to my make-up.

I didn’t know what kept me smiling and I was lost in that beautiful ecstasy that I didn’t notice Blessing was observing all through the time.

“Sophie, I love the glow on your face,” Blessing chimed in.

And that brought back my senses to reality.

I had to instantly stop those smiles and attack her.

“What glow are you talking about?” I asked as I turned to her direction.

“Your beautiful smiles that just faded off in defense,” Blessing replied.

“Bee, please leave me alone let me get ready in peace,” I cut in as I continued with my make-up.

After about 40 minutes, Blessing and I were ready for the party.

“Menh! Sophie, you are so beautiful,” Blessing complimented.

“Thank you babe,” I replied with smiles.

“Hmmmmmm….some people will just stay confused throughout today,” Blessing murmured.

I didn’t  just want us to gossip about anything as we walked to the sitting room to meet the waiting guests.

As we walked into the sitting room, my eyes starting looking for Nelson.

I finally sighted him talking with a Lady….I couldn’t even explain why I suddenly felt jealous.

Until his eyes locked with mine, then he did something that made me feel loved.

Nelson walked up to me immediately and held my right hand, then led me to the girl he was laughing with.

“Meet the queen of my heart, Sophie darling, my cousin, Zita,” Nelson introduced.

At the sound of “my cousin,” I felt relieved.

I smiled as I pretended to play Nelson’s queen around his family members.

I just couldn’t explain how that made me feel, but I made sure that I remained happy.

But someone’s presence at the party still ruined the moment for me.

I felt a tap at my back and there he was!

“What are you doing here?” I asked in anger.

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