The next day came and it was the welcome party event for Nelson.

Blessing and I got very busy with different things towards the party.

I was looking out to see Nelson all through the run around periods but I never did.

I couldn’t swallow it anymore, so I had to ask Blessing.

“Bee, where is your brother?” I asked.

“He went to work?” She replied.

“Work? Is he not the celebrant?” I cut in.

“Yes, but he handles my father’s oil servicing business in Port Harcourt, so he reports there every day,” Blessing replied.

“Okay, but he would be back soon right?” I concernedly asked.

“Haa! Aunty. Wetin dey sup?” Blessing asked with a suspicious stare.

“How naa?” I asked.

“Are you missing him already?” Blessing cut in.

“No o, I was just stating my observations,” I retorted.

“Hmmmm…..Aunty, just admit it that you are beginning to like my brother,” Blessing said with sarcasm in her tone as she walks away to continue with what she was doing in the back yard.

After about an extra hour, Nelson resurfaced.

When I saw him, I just beamed up smiles without knowing why.

Then he turned towards my direction and our eyes just locked.

He winked at me and I winked back.

As I was smiling at that romantic gesture of his, Blessing tickled me from the back.

“So your sweetheart is finally back and you both couldn’t hold the excitement with your winks right?” Blessing chimed in.

I quickly left her to the room in shyness since I was done with what I was doing.

I reached for my phone that I kept in the room for over three hours to check if I got some notifications.

And I actually did with some recorded missed calls from Felix.

I felt like returning his calls immediately but I didn’t want to have anything that would spoil my happy moments with Nelson.

“He seems like a nice guy,” I soliloquized.

I decided to relax a little with my phone before getting ready for the party.

But before I could say “Jack,” I slept off.

Maybe because I was a little tired I guess.

The next thing that woke me up was a sounding door jam from Blessing.

“Look at you, I have been looking for you. Stand up from there and marry the bathroom, you have a few minutes to get ready,” Blessing beckoned.

I hurriedly stood up and went straight to the bathroom to freshen up.


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