I turned around and saw him with a bottle of grape wine and two glasses.

“Hmm…he came prepared,” I thought to myself.

“Hey,” I said with smiles.

“How are you enjoying the breeze here?” Nelson asked with smiles.

“I love the aerial view here,” I retorted.

“Take a glass and share the wine with me,” Nelson gestured as he positioned a glass cup for me.

I took a glass cup from his hands.

“Hope is non-alcoholic?” I asked as he popped the wine.

“Sure! It is,” Nelson replied.

He poured out some into my glass cup and poured a little for himself.

He came closer as he covered the bottle of wine and placed it on the floor.

We both leaned on the pavement and enjoyed the breeze and the whole night feel.

“It’s like you don’t do alcohol?” Nelson asked as he turned to look at me.

“Yes, I don’t,” I replied.

“Why?” he further queried.

“It’s not sweet,” I replied with giggles.

We both giggled.

“But you know not all sweet things are good for your body,” Nelson chimed in.

“I know. But I just don’t enjoy it,” I cut in.

“It’s okay, I quite understand,” Nelson replied.

“So tell me more about Sophie,” Nelson asked.

“Nothing to know about Sophie,” I retorted with smiles.

“At least, I know that you are beautiful and your smiles can lead one into drawing his lips closer to peck your lasting dimples,” Nelson flattered.

I giggled and smiled the more.

Nelson kept staring at me and that made me a little uneasy.

Nelson is a handsome looking guy, tall and well bearded with the growing trend. He has these seductive eyes that can make you believe every word that comes from his lips. Not to even imagine kissing those pink colored lips of his. His intonation is “janded” and can make you want him to talk to you forever.

“All these qualities can make a daughter of Zion to off pant on a first-night o,” I thought to myself as I giggled to break the staring silence between us.

“Are you shy?” Nelson asked.

“Who answers such a question?” I thought to myself and smiled.

“I like you Sophie. There’s this Aura I get around you. I just want to know you more….I don’t bite,” Nelson said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Is that all you are going to say to me?” Nelson asked with a disappointing expression.

“Maybe I don’t know the right words to say,” I replied.

“I understand. It’s a gradual thing, Sophie…just be free around me,” Nelson retorted.

“I am,” I replied.

“No, you are not! Prove it,” Nelson cut in

“How?” I asked.

Before I could say “Jack,” Nelson tickled me without my knowledge.

I burst into uncontrollable laughter as I almost broke the glass cup I was holding.

He joined me as we laughed like lovers that have known each other for a while.

“What in God’s name is happening here?” Blessing asked as she walked in on us.

“Hey! Better leave here o,” Nelson said to Blessing.

“Can you imagine? Brother, leave my girlfriend alone,” Blessing said with a bit of sarcasm.

“Sophie, I will see you tomorrow dear. Good night,” Nelson said as he walked out and dropped his glass cup on the pavement.

“Good night,” I replied with a wink.

“Alright Pretty, please make sure this long-throat girl uses the other glass cup because I know that her eyes are on that wine bottle,” Nelson teased Blessing as he walked down to his room.

Blessing and I giggled at his comment as we took the bottle of wine to our room.

“He likes you,” Blessing whispered into my ears as we walked past the sitting room to our room.

I giggled as we got to the room and lay on the bed.

It was an emotionally stressful day for me, and I wasn’t just interested in Blessing’s chat that night….so I slept off.

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