I saw Blessing’s parents in the big well-decorated sitting room.

We exchanged pleasantries and Blessing who was so eager for us to leave her parent’s presence; dragged me to her room upstairs.

Their mansion looked like those you watch on Nollywood movies….so beautiful.

Blessing’s room is spacious and feminine. It had a mixture of paint colors of pink and white.

Every part of the house looked arranged and neat.

“Come and arrange your clothes in the wardrobe while I go get food for us,” Blessing beckoned as she stood behind her opened wardrobe.

I stood up from the bed, took my bag and walked to her wardrobe.

“I’m coming,” Blessing said as she left the room.

At that point, I totally forgot about the whole incident of the day until my phone buzzed.

I reached for it on the bed, and it was my Mom.

I suddenly went into a dilemma of whether to pick her call or not at the moment.

Before I could decide on what to do with her call, the first call rang off.

Then she called almost immediately again.

At that stage, I had to pick up.

MY MOM: Hello Baby, how are you?

ME: Mummy Good evening.

MY MOM: Same to you my love.

ME: How are you, Mom?

MY MOM: I would be fine if only you answer mine first.

We both giggled as I quickly organized my confused thoughts of telling her the truth or not.

ME: Mummy, I’m fine.

MY MOM: That’s lovely. I’m fine too.

We both giggled again.

ME: How are Daddy and Elizabeth?

MY MOM: Everyone is alright. We all are missing you.

ME: I miss you guys too.

MY MOM: It’s alright. Have a good night’s rest.

ME: You too, Mom.

And she hung up***

I quickly went back to the wardrobe to continue with what I was doing.

After about an extra 5 minutes, I was done and just as if Blessing timed me, she resurfaced.

“Come let’s go and eat at the upstairs dining,” Blessing beckoned on me.

I couldn’t even pretend anymore because I was very hungry.

It was fried rice, salad, and fried chicken.

We settled immediately at the dining and started eating.

“You people’s house is a mansion o. So beautiful,” I complimented.

“Thanks, babe,” Blessing replied with smiles.

“It’s like you don’t like been around your parents?” I pried.

“Just my Dad! He normally does ask lots of unnecessary questions that can leave one feeling like a stupid person,” Blessing replied.

We both giggled at her expressions.

“Well, I can relate because my Dad is like that too. I think the only difference is that my Dad mixes a lot of sarcasm in his,” I retorted.

“That’s far better to me,” Blessing cut in.

After an extra 30 minutes of eating and chatting, we were done.

We took away the used dishes to the kitchen sink and went back upstairs to have our bath since Blessing wanted to take me around their mansion that night.

“Shouldn’t we do the dishes before bathing?” I asked Blessing.

“Don’t worry Sophie, the help will tidy that,” Blessing replied.

We both had our night bath and changed into something casual.

I wore a blue-colored bum short and a white turtle neck top.

We strolled around the house until we got tired and came up to the spacious relaxing balcony upstairs.

From there you can view every house around.

Their compound was well illuminated that you can even pick a fallen pin.

As we both stood at the balcony, Blessing’s mom called out to her.

She left immediately to answer her mom.

I was left alone at the balcony but I was enjoying the view.

Suddenly I felt someone’s hand on my right shoulder.

“Don’t be startled, it’s me,” Nelson said.

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