After about 30 minutes of both of us scattering the wardrobe and selecting some clothes, it was done on us that we were hungry.

“What are we going to eat naa?” I asked with a tiring face.

“Don’t worry, there is fried rice with salad and chicken in the Family house, just pack up quickly let me call my brother to come and pick us,” Blessing replied.

“Haba naa! Why disturb him? He’s not your mate o,” I retorted as I searched for a bigger handbag to put in the selected clothes.

“No o, someone who is looking for places to go. He’s bored at home,” Blessing cut in; as she dialed the brother’s phone number.

After about a minute on the phone, she hung up****

“I told you, he’s on his way,” Blessing said with excitement.

“Hmm… that means your brothers are nice,” I chimed in.

“Not really o, but this one that just came in from the States is too good and humble. Maybe that’s how most first sons are though,” Blessing retorted.

“Yea, even my brother is that way too,” I cut in.

After about an extra 20 minutes of wait and directing Blessing’s brother on the phone on how to get to the compound, he was finally in front of the gate.

We both rushed out of my apartment to meet up with him.

“Good evening,” I greeted.

“Same to you Sophie,” he replied with smiles.

“Sophie? Who told you my name?” I curiously asked as Blessing stood aside smiling mischievously.

“Blessing mentioned that she was at yours on the phone remember!” Blessing’s brother replied.

“Okay,” I said with a wink as I opened the back door of the car to enter before Blessing stopped me.

“What?” I asked Blessing with smiles.

“Bia (come) this girl, move to the front seat osiso (immediately), or did I tell you that I wasn’t tired of seeing my brother’s face?” Blessing whispered.

“Only God knows what Blessing is up to with her brother,” I thought to myself as I gently obeyed her and walked to get the front door.

We all settled and Blessing’s brother drove off immediately.

“So Sophie, how is Aba treating you as a corper?” He asked.

“Fine,” I replied as I tried re-adjusting the seat belt.

“Sorry dear, my name is Nelson,” he cut in.

“Nice meeting you,” I replied.

“Same here beautiful,” Nelson replied.

“Bro…ther! Now now her name has changed from Sophie to Beautiful…Hmm…men nawaoh,” Blessing sarcastically cut in.

“The truth is, I forgot you are with us on this ride o. Unlike you Miss. Parrot, you have been quiet,” Nelson replied with giggles to Blessing.

“Why would you remember that I’m here? That’s the “thank you” you would tell me for helping your boring life with my beautiful friend. Well, people of this world are ungrateful shaa,” Blessing retorted with sarcasm.

We burst into laughter and Nelson increased his speed to their house.

After about an extra 15 minutes, we were in front of Blessing’s Family house.

Nelson horned for the gate-man who took about 2 minutes to get the gate.

We drove in quietly as Nelson parked in their parking lot.

It was actually my first time at Blessing’s Family house, and from the look of the house, one can tell that her Parents are influential personalities.

We all came down as Blessing helped with my bag.

Nelson took a different direction while Blessing and I went through a presumed formal entrance.

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