He stood dazed in front of us.

Tears just rolled down my cheek as I quickly stood up and left.

It left Blessing in a troubled state that she later followed me immediately.

“Sophie! Sophie! Sophie!” Blessing called out as she hastily walked to meet me.

“Sophie stop naa. What is it?” Blessing said as she stopped me by dragging me by the hand.

I burst into cry.

I cried like a wounded child in the open without taking a grip on myself.

Blessing had to look for a means for us to leave where we were standing.

She stopped a Keke-napep and we jumped in.

When the keke-guy reversed, I saw Felix standing at the gate of the hotel, staring at us.

I cried until we got to the house without a word to Blessing.

But she consoled me as we rode straight to my house.

After about an extra 20 minutes, we got to my compound.

I quickly came down from the keke and ran into my apartment.

I believe Blessing spent a little time trying to pay the keke man.

I slumped into my foam and cried the more.

A lot was just going on in my mind.

The only thing I kept saying under my breath is “please God, don’t allow me to be pregnant.”

After about an extra 10 minutes, Blessing joined me.

“Haba! Sophie, you are still crying?” Blessing said as she forcefully dragged me up from my foam.

“It’s Okay. Nobody is worth making you cry like this. Stop this! I don’t even know what’s happening. Just talk to me please,” Blessing pressured.

I had to stop crying and Blessing helped by calming me down the more.

After about an extra 5 minutes, I removed my clothes and Blessing kept looking at me expectedly.

I took water to calm myself down.

Then I started to tell Blessing about me and Felix.

When I finished telling her my story, she started crying with me.

“I’m sorry Sophie, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Blessing apologized as she consoled me.

We both cried and consoled ourselves.

As we were just trying to live past the moment, we heard a knock on the door.

“Yes, who’s there?” Blessing muttered out.

She stood up to get the door, and it was Felix.

Blessing had to land him a sounding slap on his face.

“Yes! And I will do that again if you don’t leave here now,” She screamed on top of her voice.

I had to stand up to stop her.

Felix stood there with his hands on his cheeks.

“Baby, please it’s you I came to see,” Felix said in an undertone.

“Leave,” I and Blessing screamed at him.

He hastily did a U-turn in fear of what might be coming his way if he stayed.

Blessing jammed the door in anger.

After about an extra 5 minutes of silence between Blessing and I, She broke the silence.

“I’m sorry for slapping your man, Sophie. I couldn’t stand to see the hurt he has caused you today,” Blessing apologized.

“It’s okay, Bee. You actually did what I would have done if I was the one that opened the door. I’m not offended, besides, whatever we share or shared is all over now,” I replied.

“Good! I love that. I want to beg you for something,” Blessing said.

“What is it?” I asked.

“My parents are hosting a welcome party for my brother that just came back from the States, and you know I lied to them I was coming here,” She narrated.

“Yes, but the party is tomorrow naa,” I cut in.

“Yes, I know. I want you to follow me to the Family house, I can’t leave you here,” Blessing concernedly requested.

“Well, anything for you,” I replied with smiles.

“It’s that a ‘Yes?” Blessing further asked.

“Yes!” I replied.

She screamed with joy as she invaded my wardrobe to select clothes for the party.

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