I slumped back into my foam as I surfed the internet.

I decided to visit my Iroko Tv app for trending Nollywood movies.

I saw one and downloaded it immediately.

I was seeing the movie for close to two hours.

Blessing’s phone call brought my senses back to my room because I was already in the movie, so lost.

BLESSING: Hello, babe! Are you ready?

ME: No ooo.

BLESSING: Haba naa! I thought I told you to get ready; this is almost 5:00 Pm.

ME: Sorry dear, let me do so now.

BLESSING: Biko be fast o. I’m coming with Keke to your house.

ME: Okay.

And she hung up***

I jumped out of the foam immediately and walked to my wardrobe.

I found my sexy flora gown……

I wore it, rearranged my braids and applied little brown powder with lip gloss.

Before Blessing could get to my house, I was waiting-ready.

I walked to my compound’s gate to wait for her.

After about an extra 10 minutes, she got to my gate with the keke she booked.

“Correct girl, I know say you no too like make-up, abeg enter make we dey go,” Blessing said with smiles.

I entered into the keke immediately.

“Biko where are we going?” I curiously asked.

“Nwoke nwanu (the man in question), no get car to come and pick these fine girls?” I further queried.

“Nne (my dear), no mind the idiot o. He said I should meet him at one hotel like that. I don’t even know the hotel o. But this keke guy does,” Blessing disappointedly replied.

“Odinma (all good), wetin concern me? My own is to eat and have fun,” I retorted as I brought out my phone to complete the movie I was watching.

As I was opening my Iroko app, Blessing peeped into my phone to see what I was doing.

“Naija movie no go kill you o,” she teased as she concentrated on how the keke guy was roughly riding.

I smiled and brought out my earpiece to enjoy the ride.

Suddenly, I started feeling uneasy as I recognized the paths the keke man was riding.

I quickly removed my earpiece to query Blessing the name of the hotel.

“Babe, wetin be the name of this hotel?” I asked.

“The Addrex Hotel,” Blessing replied.

“OMG! That’s Felix’s Dad’s hotel. Could he be the one we are going to see?” I thought to myself.

“Do you know the place?” Blessing asked.

“No, not really,” I pretentiously replied with forceful smiles.

I was tensed already.

“Father Lord please save me from this embarrassment,” I said in an undertone.

After an extra 15 minutes, we were at the hotel.

Blessing settled the Keke guy and called her new catch.

I felt like telling her to show me the guy’s phone number, but I wanted everything to play out well.

We were told to wait at the reception.

After about an extra 10 minutes of waiting, our host surfaced.

Guess What?

It was Felix, flesh, and blood.

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