The next thing that woke me up was the hard knock on my door.

“Oh my God! That must be Blessing,” I muttered out loud as I jumped out of my foam to get the door.

My guess was right as I opened the door and saw Blessing standing patiently.

“Sorry Bee, has it been long you have been knocking?” I asked as I paved the way for her to enter into my room.

“Ask me again! Biko, aguru jim (please I’m hungry),” she replied.

“Sorry,” I retorted as I locked my door.

“Which one is sorry! You didn’t cook anything in this house?” Blessing queried.

“No Ma’am,” I replied with smiles.

“I don’t even know why I’m seated here and still asking questions,” Blessing said as she stood up and headed to the kitchen in search of what to eat.

After about 2 minutes, she came out with a disappointed look on her face.

I slumped on my foam and started laughing.

“Oh! You are laughing at me bah?” Blessing asked.

“Haba! Na you get house get kitchen join naa. Find something chop abeg,” I said with sarcasm.

“Stupid girl,” Blessing playfully chimed in as she tiredly sat down.

“Before you talk say I be bad person, there is tomato stew and Egusi soup in the fridge…make your choice and act accordingly,” I said as I pointed towards the fridge.

“Kamsikwa (I knew it),” Blessing replied as she grinned from one side of her mouth to the other.

She brought out the tomato stew from the fridge and headed to the kitchen to boil white rice.

“Boil for two o,” I screamed to her hearing.

“Two kill you there,” Blessing replied with sarcasm in her tone.

I was expecting such reply from her, so I burst into loud laughter and she joined me too.

“Biko (please), be fast and come of gist me what happened in CDS today,” I retorted.

After about 40 minutes, Blessing served the food as we both chatted and ate to our satisfaction.

As we both were relaxing after the food, my phone buzzed.

It was my Mom.

With the issue on ground, I needed a little privacy with her on the phone, so I shifted to the bathroom.

MY MOM: Hello Sophie.

ME: Hi Mom. I’m so sorry.

MY MOM: It’s Okay. I hope you are not crying anymore?

ME: No Mom, your words made strong.

MY MOM: Good! You need to be strong as a woman. I wouldn’t mind taking care of your expenses for the weekend. I want you to come so that we can have our “girls’ time.” I want us to talk woman to woman.

ME: Alright Mom. I will come around but will think of a good reason to give Daddy before he will start his nosy attitude on me.

MY MOM: It’s alright then. See you by the weekend.

ME: Alright Mom. I love you.

MY MOM: I love you more. Bye.

And she hung up****

As I came out of the bathroom, I noticed that Blessing was on a phone call too.

After about a minute she was done.

“Babe, I forgot to tell you o. I met this good looking guy that gave me a lift to your house. He said he just came into Nigeria and based in Port Harcourt. He said he would want us to hang out by evening. Hope you would be free so that we can go together?” Blessing asked.

“Sure! Why not,” I replied with smiles.

“Good! Let me start going…will call you up later,” Blessing said as she stood up to leave.

“It’s alright babe. Oya naa…” I replied as I followed her to lock the door.

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