At the moment, I stopped sobbing.

I suddenly started to feel strong.

“God! Abeg no allow pregnancy to happen, my mom would be so disappointed,” I muttered.

I stood up from the foam and reached for my laptop.

Now, what you all don’t know about me is that I have a diary about my experiences since I became an adult.

I felt like writing down the happening of that day in my diary.

I opened my laptop and started writing.

As I was on it, my phone buzzed.

“Oh God! Who is that again?” I shrugged as I reached for my phone.

It was Kelenna, my brother.

At that point, I remembered that I haven’t checked up Jeffery’s Whatsapp messages.

I had to pick up the call because I didn’t have enough airtime to start calling back an international number.

KELENNA: Hello Ada.

ME: Bros welldone o. But na only popsy dey call me that name o.

KELENNA: So, me never reach to be called your popsy?

ME: Haba! Bros, you sef know say you small naa. Na just three years gap o.

KELENNA: I hear you Madam Age calculator. How you dey?

ME: Bros I pin o.

KELENNA: You pin fine naa, because your voice clear come sharp join.

ME: Bro forget o, na serious packaging. Hunger don burst my head like gala o.

KELENNA: Choi! Your pigeon don pure pass my own.

ME: Bros na how it suppose be naa. Unto say we still pin for Naija dey upgrade our HQ normally….you no understand?

KELENNA: I dey feel you joor. But we dey try for here too.

ME: That’s lovely. Abeg, make we talk better talk. How are you and studies?

KELENNA: God has been faithful. Has Jeffery called you?

ME: Yes, this morning but he didn’t say much. He rather referred me to Whatsapp, where he said he dropped some messages for me; but I’m yet to check it up.

KELENNA: Okay, maybe he tried explaining to you that he won’t be coming back to Nigerian again on Whatsapp.

ME: Bro, why naa? Our goodies don enter one chance so?

KELENNA: No Sophie, something came up urgently for him, but he has sent everything down to Nigeria through DHL.

ME: Haa! Better o. My heart don already fly o.

KELENNA: No darling! Just be at alert with your phone lines on.

ME: I will bro.

KELENNA: Alright. Say hi to Mom and Dad for me.

ME: I will.


And he hung up****

I smiled and went back to what I was writing.

After about extra 30 minutes of pouring out my heart in writing….

My eyes started to grow weary.

And sleep took a better part of me at the moment.

After an hour, I woke up abruptly because of the buzz from my phone.

It was my corper girlfriend, Blessing.

“Oh God! Mtcheeeew….” I hissed as I reluctantly picked up the call.

ME: Hello (in a sleepy tone).

BLESSING: Babe! You didn’t come for CDS…are you okay?

ME: Yes, I am. You just woke me up from sleep.

BLESSING: Where are you?

ME: I’m in my room.

BLESSING: Okay, I’m coming to disturb you a little.

ME: Alright.

And she hung up***

I wanted to stand up from my foam but another round of sleep drove me off.

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