“What are you looking for inside your bag?” Felix cut in.

“Ermm! Little money for the bread,” I replied as I searched further for a lower denomination of money to prevent the case of ‘come back for your balance later’ from the shops around.

“Baby, when you are with a man, you make him feel like one. What stopped you from asking me for the money?” Felix said as he handed over a five hundred naira note to me

I giggled and collected the money from his hand.

“Thank you, baby,” I said in appreciation as I made my way out of the room.

As I walked past my gate, I decided to return Jeffery’s calls.

“Na to burn my airtime be this o,” I muttered to myself as I dialed the international number.

He didn’t pick up but called me back almost immediately.

JEFFERY: Hey. Girl!

ME: Good morning to you.

JEFFERY: Thanks, dear. I figured I called when you might be busy but that’s okay. I dropped some WhatsApp messages for you, maybe you should check them.

ME: Alright. I will do just that.

JEFFERY: Cool. Have a lovely day.

ME: Thanks.

And he hung up***

“This my brother’s friend sounds like a very cool person,” I said in an undertone as I hastened my steps to a nearby shop for the bread.

I got to the shop but my choice of bread wasn’t available.

I was still contemplating on what next to do about it because the next shop I could get it is a bit distanced.

“Should I enter ‘keke’ to make the process fast for me?” I said in an undertone.

As I was still contemplating my next move, a car just stopped in front of me.

“Hello, fine girl; where are you headed?” the driver asked.

“Hmm…this morning!” I thought to myself as I shifted away from his car.

But that didn’t stop him as he drove to where I was standing.

“Sophie, why not make use of this ‘mugu’ this morning?” that mischievous spirit ministered to me.

At that point, I responded to him.

“Good morning.”

“Same to you pretty girl, where are you going?” the driver further asked.

“I want to pick something at that the nearest supermarket,” I replied with smiles.

“Hop in,” the handsome Doctor retorted as he drove off almost immediately.

Yes, I know you would be wondering how I found out that he was a Medical Doctor at a glance.

Well, do you blame some of them who don’t hesitate to hang their stethoscope in front of their car with their white-colored lab coat at the back…

“Well, I’m Doctor Cliff, and you?”

Hmm…at this point I’m not Sophie o.

“I’m Cindy,” I replied.

“Wow! That’s a good one since our names started with ‘C’,” he replied.

He was dressed in a white shirt and blue colored trousers.

Chocolate in complexion man with a very nice dentition that made him smile often.

“Sorry, I’m stopping here,” I beckoned as I made him stop in front of the supermarket.

“So soon?” he asked with a disappointed look.

“Yes dear, I just came out to get something for breakfast,” I replied.

“It’s okay, can we do this again?” Doctor Cliff demanded.

“Sure!” I replied in a hurry.

“Can I have your contact?” he asked.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come out with my phone and I didn’t memorize my new phone number,” I replied.

At that point, I was just praying that the phone in my pocket will not ring out to expose my lies.

“It’s okay then, give me a call once you get home,” Doctor Cliff said as he handed over his complimentary card to me.

“It’s alright, thanks for the ride,” I appreciated as I opened the front car door and jumped down.

“Mumu like you,” I said in an undertone as I threw away his complimentary card almost immediately he drove off.

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