At about 1:30 am, I noticed Felix’s right hand creeping into my nightie.

He ran his fingers through my tender skin and that woke me up from the subconscious.

I remained calm as I didn’t want to interpret his harmless cuddling into something else.

But suddenly his right hand moved to my nipples that were already responding to his warmth by getting hard.

He started massaging my left nipple which happened to be the most sensitive.

Felix came closer to my body and we were too tight to feel the erotic passion between us.

I started to feel his hardness as his penis kept shooting at my butt.

At that point, I didn’t know if to stop him as his hand moved from my nipples to my Vagina.

I started to feel uncomfortable with his touches because I didn’t want to share the ‘cookie’ with him yet.

I smartly shifted his hands away from my clitoris because that was getting me aroused.

But he put his hand right back.

At that point, I shifted my body away from our closeness but he came right after me.

I was backing him while all these went on, so I then decided to turn around and face him in bed.

“Maybe his senses will boot back,” I thought to myself.

But the reverse was the case as he grabbed me and placed his lips on mine.

We started kissing but that alcohol breath of his reminded me that he might still be tipsy.

At the thought of that, I withdrew my lips from his.

But he still drew me closer and insisted to kiss me; I had to say something.

“Baby, please stop. I don’t want sex right now,” I whispered to his hearing.

“Baby please, I’m feeling very horny,” Felix pleaded as he drew closer.

“Baby, stop! This will not end well with us,” I said hesitantly.

Felix placed his lips on mine and kissed me vigorously.

His hands ran from my breast to my thighs.

Before I could say, Jack Robinson, he removed my nightie.

And we flipped on each other in wild ecstasy as he thrust his penis inside of me and I moaned to the pleasure.

We made love that night like two wild cats.

After which, we both dozed off.

I was the first to wake up that lovely Tuesday morning.

But I wasn’t happy that I had to betray myself again.

“Well, he’s my man, I don’t really have to be too hard on myself,” I thought to myself as I stood up to clean the used dishes in the kitchen sink.

As I was at it, Felix tip-toed and held me from the back in the kitchen.

“Good morning my queen,” Felix greeted with a peck.

“Same to you, baby. How was your night?”I asked.

“I had a fun-filled night baby, although I’m having a hangover effect,” Felix replied.

“Sorry about that! Hope you will drink a warm cup of tea this morning?” I asked.

“Yea and I want to leave early for Port Harcourt,” Felix retorted.

“You are not going to school this morning?” Felix cut in.

“No baby, today is my CDS day, so I will be home,” I replied with smiles.

“Wow! Port Harcourt has to wait then!” Felix said with so much excitement as he walked back to the bed.

I completed my cleaning and went into the bathroom to freshen up so that I would head out to a close-by shop to get a loaf of bread.

But as I was at the bathroom, I overheard Felix screaming my name.

“Baby I’m coming!” I replied as I hurried up and came out of the bathroom.

“Baby what was it?” I asked Felix.

“Your phone was ringing,” he replied as he handed the phone over to me.

As I checked who the caller was, I found out that it was Kelenna’s friend.

“Why is he calling now? Could it be that he’s Nigeria already?” I muttered as I searched for my bag to collect some money for the bread.


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