I didn’t even remember to slam his car door for him as I angrily walked into the school premises.

Couldn’t believe that Felix had to save my number with my name!

I was just fuming with anger as my thoughts drifted….

“Maybe he doesn’t take what we share seriously.”

“Or he has another woman that he is hiding our relationship from.”

“His number has been saved with ‘Baby’ for long on my phone.”

“Sophie! You are truly very stupid.”

“How can this guy constantly use my head like this?”

Those were the conflicting thoughts in my head as I was interrupted by a teacher.

I went into work immediately….

After my classes, I decided to check up my phone that was on silent.

I found out that I had several missed calls and messages from Felix and Greg.

“Argh! I wonder what lie he wants to convince me with this time around.”

“Could Greg equally be calling me because of him?”

“Well, it’s very possible that he would be calling because of Felix since they are supposed to be together.”

“In that case, I’m not returning any of the calls. They can go ahead to have their fun while I find my way back to my house.”

Those were my thoughts as I picked up my bag and walked out of the school premises since I was done with my classes for the day.

Instead of finding my way back to my house I decided to visit the market to buy some foodstuff so that I can do some cooking.

As I got to the market my phone buzzed again….

I brought it out from the bag to check who the caller was, it was Greg.

Although in a noisy environment I decided to pick up.

GREG: Hello, Sophie!

ME: Hi Greg, good afternoon.

GREG: Where are you?

I had to pretend that I didn’t hear what he asked.

ME: Greg, Greg, I can barely hear you. I will call you back later.

I hung up abruptly and continued with what I came to pick in the market.

After about 30 minutes, I was through with everything I needed to pick from the market, so I headed back to my apartment straight.

When I got to my room, I decided to clean it up since I and Felix left it in a hurry in the morning.

After which I started to make food because I was terribly hungry.

While I was in the kitchen, I heard a knock on my door.

“Who can it be this time around?” I murmured as I walked to get the door.

It was CHUKWUMA a fellow corper and neighbor.

“Haa! Chuks my guy, what’s up?” I hailed with excitement.

“Nwa di sharp (good looking girl), I dey o,” he replied as I paved the way for him to enter into my room.

“Thank God o, ukwu mu di mma (I came at the right time), gini ka i na-esi? (What are you cooking?),” Chuks asked.

“Don’t worry, when I’m done I will bring some to your room,” I replied with smiles.

“Odinma (good)! I just wanted to check up on you,” Chuks said as he made his way out of my room.

“Thanks so much o,” I appreciated.

“You are welcome,” Chuks retorted.

I closed my door and went back to my cooking.

I was making two different meals together…Egusi soup and fresh tomato stew.

After about an hour, I was through with the kitchen.

I made eba for the soup and to equally share with Chuks, but I decided to have my bath first before any kind of eating.

While I was in the bathroom, I started hearing knocks on my door and it was already evening; at about 5:30 pm.

“I’m coming,” I screamed from the bathroom.

That made me hurry up with my bath as I rushed out with my white towel wrapped around my body to know who is at the door.

As I opened the door, I saw Felix and Greg!

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