Felix went straight to get the door while I adjusted to see who it was at the door from the distance I was.

It was Greg!

I guessed it would be him at first instance though.

I walked to the door to avoid early morning drama from Felix and Greg.

“Good morning to you,” Greg greeted Felix.

I was surprised at such maturity coming from Greg.

“Same to you bro. What’s up?” Felix replied with smiles.

“Good morning Greg,” I cut in as Felix tried to pave the way for Greg to enter.

“Sophie, how are you?” Greg asked.

“I’m fine, Greg.”

“I can see that. I just stopped by to check up on you,” Greg retorted as he turned around to take his leave.

But Felix interrupted his action….

“Are you going to school like her too?” Felix asked Greg.

“Yes o,” Greg turned around and replied with smiles.

“It’s okay then. Maybe we can have a drink by evening,” Felix proposed.

“Not a bad one,” Greg replied.

“I will call you up then,” Felix cut in.

“Alright. Have a nice day,” Greg wished as he left immediately.

That was a relief for me seeing that the two were getting along well.

But something in me felt Greg was hurting inside.

I was just happy that my morning was drama-free.

“He looks like a cool guy,” Felix added as he expected a nudge from me.

But I just gave mischievous smiles as I sat to arrange my hair in front of my mirror.

“OMG! I almost forgot,” Felix screamed.

“What’s wrong?” I concernedly asked.

“I need to call the hotel to get the breakfast ready before we get there,” Felix replied as he reached for his phone to place the call immediately.

“Meanwhile, baby what would you want to eat?” Felix asked me.

“If they can make chips, with fried chicken and ketchup; I will manage that for the morning,” I replied.

“Alright baby,” Felix retorted as he called them immediately.

I had to hurry up with my mild makeup to meet up with time.

After about 20 extra minutes, we were both ready to leave for the hotel.

Felix drew me closer and pecked me on my nose.

He knew I loved being pecked on my nose.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. I promise not to provoke you to the level I did,” Felix said to me.

“It’s okay, baby. Can we get going now because I’m running late,” I replied with a wink.

He held my hand as we both walked out of my apartment to where his car was parked.

He was just being a gentleman that morning by opening the car door for me and patiently waiting until I sat pretty; he closed it with smiles and joined me.

He drove straight to the hotel.

We entered into their dinning and he called the kitchen to bring his special order which they did.

He ordered noodles while I quickly started with my chips and chicken.

“Baby, when are you going back to Port Harcourt?” I curiously asked.

“Tomorrow,” Felix replied.

As I was about saying something else to him; his phone buzzed.

And our sitting position made it possible for me to see the caller’s name.

“Tracy kwa?” I insecurely muttered to myself as I watched his reaction when he saw the caller’s name.


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