They brought back the light and we saw how naked we were.

I hurriedly grabbed the bedspread to cover myself.

That light brought back my celibate sanity and I would have yielded if they didn’t bring back the light as at the time they did.

Felix reached for his boxers immediately to cover up.

“Thank God I didn’t totally betray myself,” I said in an undertone as I reached for my nightie.

After wearing my nightie, I stood up to switch off the light.

After which I joined Felix back in bed.

We both went speechless as at that point.

After about 20 minutes of no sleep and talking to each other.

Felix finally broke the silence.

“I’m sorry, baby. I never intended to make you break your rules.”

“It’s okay; it wasn’t totally your fault alone. At least I had an option to say ‘No’ or stop you, but I was equally carried away,” I replied as I backed him.

I purposely wanted to turn my back at him to avoid any form of intimacy that night.

“Goodnight, baby,” Felix said as he turned to sleep.

“Goodnight my love,” I retorted.

And we slept that night without any other form of intimacy.

Monday morning came and we woke up in each other’s arms.

“Good morning baby,” I said in a seductive tone.

“How was your night?” Felix asked me with a peck.

“Fine; and yours?” I replied.

“Fine, with you by my side. I love the warmth I feel around you. I wish it will continue like this!”

“Hmm…,” I chuckled.

“Yes baby, I want to let my people know about us so that we can start the processes,” Felix cut in.

At that point, I didn’t know whether to smile or laugh out loud; so I was just expressionless.

“Will you say ‘yes’ to me?” Felix asked.

“I don’t know o,” I said with shyness as I covered my face with my hands.

Felix laughed aloud at my display of shyness.

I joined him as we laughed through the morning.

At that point, I remembered it is Monday morning and I needed to get ready for school.

“Baby, I need to start getting ready,” I reminded Felix.

“Oh! That’s true. I will call the hotel to prepare breakfast for us, while you go in now to have your bath.”

“Haba! I might be late you know,” I chimed in.

“It’s not bad to be late. You are not going on an empty stomach to work,” Felix said.

“But I can make something fast for us to eat,” I suggested.

“No baby that would be stress. Just rush into the bathroom now,” Felix said with a push.

I stood up and rushed into the bathroom.

While I was bathing, my thoughts drifted.

“This is how it should be.”

“God abeg, let’s remain happy like this!”

Those were my happy thoughts as I came out of the bathroom.

I opened my wardrobe in search of what to wear.

Felix stood up to wear his clothes but a knock came heavy at the door.

“Who could that be?” I asked.

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