“Who could that be?” Greg asked with a drowsy tone.

“I think it’s him?” I replied as I instantly readjusted my position.

“Is he mad to come here, after making you tear up in this manner?” Greg quarreled as he stood up in a rush to get the door.

“Greg wait! Wait!” I cautioned but it was already late as he had opened the door.

“Yes, what is it?” Greg asked Felix with rage in his tone.

“Please, I want to see Sophie,” Felix gently replied.

At that point, I stood up from the bed and joined their dialogue at my door.

“She doesn’t want to see you!” Greg said to Felix.

“And who are you to talk on her behalf?” Felix queried Greg who was about to mutter something before I cut in.

“He’s my friend and a better man who will not advise a young pretty girl to commit abortion,” I retorted.

Felix quickly went on his knee without even noticing Greg’s presence as a third party.

I was just confused and didn’t know what to do or say.

Greg did something I never expected him to do at that point.

“Sophie, I will see you tomorrow, let me run along it’s getting late,” Greg said as he gave me a warm hug and left.

And Felix was still waiting for an action from me on his knee.

“You can come in,” I calmly said as I opened the door and paved way for him to enter.

He came in and sat on the student plastic seat in my room.

We both went speechless on each other for close to 30 minutes.

Finally, he broke the silence….

“Baby, it’s not how you see things that it actually played out.”

“Just hear me out!”

“When I started to frequent that hotel, many young girls were gravitating to me but I was very careful as I could. Then Adanna’s advances became so unbearable.”

I cut in with my question….

“Is that her name?” I asked.

“Yes, baby.”

“I won’t lie to you that I didn’t enjoy the friendship but it didn’t last because her IQ wasn’t what I wanted.”

“I even offered to train her in Abia polytechnic but she vehemently refused and was sluggish towards the Jamb Exams.”

“To tell you how I tried, I only had carnal knowledge of her once and that was before I met you.”

“I was surprised when I finally left the country and she came up with pregnancy stories which I strongly believed it was a prank.”

“I never told her to abort the baby, I only stopped communicating with her and one fateful day; she sent a personal message to my Facebook inbox, that she successfully removed the pregnancy; and that I should please unblock and start communication back with her.”

“Of course, I ignored all those tricks of hers until I met her yesterday.”

“Baby believe it, this is my truth, I can swear by my Father’s grave. I’m not this callous, she is just an opportunist.”

Those were Felix’s confessions and at that time I began to reason in his direction.

“There’s always two sides to a story, Sophie don’t believe this hook line and sinker,” I thought to myself as we both went speechless on each other again.

After about 10 minutes of silence, Felix cut in again.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. I can never cheat on you. All these happened before I met you,” Felix pleaded as he went on his knees again.

Something in me just made me go soft for him again.

“Baby it’s okay, stand up!” I replied as I stood up and held his hand.

Felix stood up and hugged me so tight that he started crying on my shoulders.

“I was scared I have lost you, baby,” Felix whispered.

“It’s okay baby. Just that it was too much to bear,” I replied.

“I understand your reactions, I’m so sorry.” Felix further apologized.

At that point, my mind drifted to the mess I would have created with Greg if Felix didn’t barge in on us. As I was just on that thought, my phone buzzed….

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