I ignored his presence and went ahead to dial my Dad’s number.

My Dad picked up immediately.

But I couldn’t just control the tears from rolling.

MY DAD: Sophie, why are you not taking your calls?

ME: Daddy good evening. I’m sorry I slept off and left my phone on silence.

MY DAD: Oh my! I can understand. I was just worried, not knowing how your journey went.

ME: I’m sorry Daddy; I said I would call once I’m awake.

(At this point the sobbing was becoming uncontrollable for me).

MY DAD: What’s that? Are you okay?

ME: Yes Daddy, I’m just waking up.

MY DAD: It’s alright then, let me leave you to boot back to normal.

ME: Okay Dad.

And he hung up***

I just threw the phone on the bed and gave a loud sob.

Felix came to hold me from the back.

I just turned around and gave him a sounding slap on his cheek.

“See, Felix or whatever you call yourself. Let this be a sound of warning to you, please avoid me from hence. Do you see that girl? She’s a woman like me. Go and right your wrongs and that’s if you care, but avoid me,” I screamed with rage as I hurriedly packed my bag, picked up my phone from the bed and headed to leave the door before a hand tried to drag me back.

I speedily removed my hand from his and left.

Felix stood there dazed at the whole happenings.

I walked angrily to the path where I could get something to take me home.

Finally, I saw a Keke-napep and it came quite handy because I saw a car’s head-light that was approaching towards my direction and I guessed it was Felix.

I told the Keke man not to stop for anybody until I get to my destination.

So he rode straight to my compound.

On our way, I called Greg all through but he wasn’t picking up.

That got me devastated the more as I got to my gate; I paid the Keke guy and rushed into my apartment as if someone was after me.

Immediately I got into my room, I slumped into my bed and cried like never before.

As I was at it, I got a knock on my door.

I guessed it was Felix, so I refused to open up.

But the person kept knocking for close to 15 minutes.

“Get away from my door or I will call security on you,” I screamed with rage.

Then the person decided to speak up!

“Sophie, it’s me Greg, open up.”

At the sound of Greg’s voice, I hurriedly stood up and opened up.

I paved the way as he walked into my room.

He seemed very unhappy, tipsy and tired.

He sat on the bed and I haven’t seen him in such mood before.

“What did he do to you?” Greg asked.

I burst into another round of cry as I sat close to him in bed and rested my head on his chest.

“Sophie, I love you so much and I can’t stand the thought of another man hurting you. Just tell me what he did to you,” Greg consoled as he pampered my hair.

I was still sobbing and I was unable to speak. While I was trying to control the sobs; a knock came again at the door.

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