As I turned back, I saw a young pretty girl.

Looking at her, she would be within the same age bracket with Lizzy my kid sister.

“Excuse me, Ma’am, your towel fell off,” She said as she handed the white wet towel to me.

“OMG! Thank you so much,” I said in appreciation as I took the towel from her hand.

That drew the attention of Felix as the pretty girl walked away.

“Baby, what’s the problem?” Felix asked.

“Nothing baby, just that I was carried away as you held me on my waist and I didn’t know when the towel I wrapped around my waist fell off,” I replied.

“Oh! Just that?” Felix suspiciously asked.

“Yea…were you expecting anything more?” I cut in on him as he took the drink from the bartender.

“No, not really,” Felix replied as he signaled our steps back to our room.

On our way to the room, I encountered the pretty girl at the staircase again.

“Hey,” I gestured with smiles.

She smiled back at me but I noticed something about the smile.

It was a forceful smile and her eyes were fixed on Felix.

Of course, she is a staff in the hotel.

At that point, my head started ministering something to me as we walked into our room.

“Why was she looking at Felix that way?”

“Could it be in admiration or something more?”

“But why was Felix even tensed and uneasy?”

As I was battling with those conflicting thoughts, Felix distracted me with his question.

“Baby should I call the kitchen to ask if your food is ready?”

“Sure! Let me quickly have a bath,” I replied as I walked into the bathroom immediately.

At that point, I even forgot to check my phone because I didn’t go to the poolside with it.

After about 10 minutes in the bath, I came out of the bathroom and went straight to the wardrobe in search of what to wear.

As I was at it, a knock came at the door.

“It must be from the kitchen,” Felix said as he jumped out of the bed to open the door.

And it was the same girl that brought the order.

At that point, I became very curious and observant.

I watched her eye contact with Felix as two of them couldn’t just help overdoing it for zero suspicion on my side.

“Where is Aunty Grace?” Felix asked her.

“She’s downstairs,” the pretty staff replied.

“Wow! I didn’t see her o. Take me to her,” Felix demanded as he took a polo shirt with him.

“Baby, you can be eating, I’m coming,” Felix said to me as he followed the staff out of the room.

At that time, it was so clear to me that something was fishy between two of them.

I hurriedly wore my dress and gave them 2 minutes, then I carefully opened the door without noise.

I closed it back and tiptoed to the corners of our block, upstairs.

I paid attention for noise until I started hearing voices at a near-by corner.

Something in me just told me that they weren’t far from our room.

I tiptoed closer to hear their whispers.

“I told you I can’t marry a secondary school certificated girl like you, didn’t I?” Felix asked with a harsh tone.

“But you made me commit an abortion for you because you promised to come back for me,” the pretty girl sobbed.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do this with you!” Felix said.

“At least, you should have saved me the trauma of bringing her here,” the girl retorted in tears.

At that point, tears rolled down my cheek.

I gently took some steps back and walked back into the room.

That was when I remembered the Greg issues.

I instantly lost appetite.

I went straight to the wardrobe and brought out my bag.

I reached for my phone and found out the countless missed calls from my Dad and Greg.

As I was about calling my Dad back, the door opened.

It was Felix!

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