After about 20 minutes, Felix returned to the room with three different sets of swimwears.

“Haba! Baby, did you pack all their swimwears?” I sarcastically asked.

“No baby, I chose the best of them all for you to select one from,” Felix replied.

I took a closer look at the colors and selected the one that had a touch of my favorite color; pink.

“Do you like that one?” Felix asked.

“Yes, I do!” I retorted as I grinned from one side of my mouth to the other, trying to imagine how our pool session together would look like.

“Just wear it and use the big white tower to cover up while I return the rest to their store,” Felix demanded as he left the room in a rush.

I went into the bathroom to change and that was another beautiful view on its own.

The tub in the bathroom was neatly designed for two.

Every part of that bathroom was sparkling white.

“This is actually beautiful,” I said in an undertone as I undressed and changed into the swimwear.

I had to admire my coca-cola shape with the mirror in the bathroom.

“Sophie baby, you are truly pretty,” I said with smiles as I admired myself.

I heard the door open****

“It must be Felix,” I thought to myself as I rushed out of the bathroom with the clothes I changed.

“OMG! Baby, you are tempting me already,” Felix said in admiration as he came closer to me and wrapped his hands around my waist.

I smiled as we both fixed our eyes on another.

“You are beautiful Sophie,” Felix said as he placed his lips on mine.

We kissed for a few seconds and he stopped impulsively.

“Baby, it’s like you want to wake the sleeping man from his sleep,” Felix sarcastically added.

We both giggled as I took the towel and we both walked to the poolside.

When we got to the pool, there were two guys in the pool.

One of them stylishly winked at me and Felix caught that too.

I only smiled at it!

“Baby, maybe we have to wait for the guys to come out of the pool before we go in,” Felix whispered into my right ear.

I laughed in my mind because the insecurity was too obvious.

“What if more people join while we are waiting just for this two?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, I will go and instruct them not to accept any more swimming fee for the day,” Felix replied.

“No naa! That wouldn’t be good for business. It might equally paint a disturbing picture of how badly you will manage here when Daddy passes it to you. Or don’t you think so?” I chimed in.

“Yea, you are right! Just that I didn’t like the way the other guy looked at you and I’m not in the mood to fight with anybody this evening,” Felix said in honesty.

“No baby, you are not going to fight with anybody because I’m not even seeing that guy. All I see is you. Now, let’s get into the pool and make them jealous,” I replied as I dragged him with me.

He kept smiling as he fixed his eyes on me.

“I love you, Sophie,” Felix muttered out.

“I heard that baby, just know that I love you m..o..r..e,” I screamed as I dived into the pool.

I purposely screamed that way to make the disrespectful dude that couldn’t stop staring, jealous.

Felix joined me in the pool and grabbed me by the waist.

“Hey. I thought I heard something like ‘I can’t swim?’ from someone,” Felix inquired.

“Yea baby, but that was said to discourage you,” I replied.

We both giggled as he left me all to myself to a different side in the pool.

I followed him immediately…..

Just as I brought up my face from the water, I saw someone by the poolside.

“What is he doing here,” was the first sentence I could mutter.

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