We went straight to where his car was parked outside the gate.

Felix opened the car door and I entered.

He joined me immediately and drove off.

I decided to play with my phone trying to keep a long face for more romantic petting.

I caught Felix twice with the corner of my eyes looking at me.

I pretended as if I wasn’t seeing his glances as I tried intensifying my fumbling with my phone.

After a while, he brought his right hand close to my laps.

“Baby, I’m sorry. Please, can you straighten your squeezed face?” Felix requested with a wink.

The word “Squeezed” forced out laughter from my mouth and Felix joined me.

We laughed for a few seconds as he tried concentrating on his driving.

“Hope you are happy now?” I cut in with a wink.

“Yes darling,” Felix winked back as he navigated into a hotel and headed to the car park.

“We are here, baby,” Felix said with a tap on my laps.

“How did you know this place?” I inquisitively asked.

“Haba! Baby, anybody can know anywhere naa? Or is the answer now a prerequisite for us to go in?”

“Not really, but you are still going to tell me about your sojourn here when we settle,” I chimed in as I opened the car door and came down from the car.

“Yes ma’am,” Felix replied as we both walked into the hotel.

He picked his room key from the receptionist and it was obvious he was already lodged.

We walked into his room and that was a diamond deluxe as it was called.

The room was so exotic and beautiful.

The bed was neatly designed with a gold-colored duvet.

Menh! The room was exuding romance already.

“Father Lord Jehova! Help your daughter from losing it on this tempting bed,” I thought to myself as I distracted myself from the thought of love-making on that bed.

“Baby, how do you see the room? Do you like it?” Felix asked.

“Huh! Is this guy okay? Which kind yeye query be that naa? Which girl no go like this room?” I thought to myself before replying his question.

“Baby this room is classy; it must have cost you a lot right?” I smartly cut in.

“Yea baby, anything for my classy woman,” Felix replied as he held me from the back.

“God abeg, this boy should not tempt me for the second time because I don’t even trust myself,” I muttered to myself as I turned around to face him.

He gave me a few kisses on my cheek as he instantly withdrew from my body.

“Thank God,” I exhaled.

“Maybe we should stroll to the poolside, what do you think?” Felix asked with excitement as he slumped into the bed.

“Really? Is the poolside as fine as this room?” I curiously asked.

“Yes baby, and we can swim for an hour or two. Are you game?”

“Hmmm…baby, I didn’t come with swimwear neither did you remind me to come with one,” I replied.

“I’m sorry, I forgot! But we can get from the hotel, they sell good swimwears all sizes,” Felix retorted.

“Baby! You talk as if you know this hotel too well. Now tell me, how did you get to know this place?”

“(Chuckles), this is my father’s investment baby,” Felix humbly replied.

“Wow! No wonder you know a lot about here.  This place is big and beautiful,” I commended.

“Thank you baby, let me just respond that way in place of Dad who is not here to receive the compliments,” he said with sarcasm.

We both giggled at his sarcastic comment.

“So are we going for the swim?” Felix asked with a push of insist.

“Alright! You win this time but make sure I don’t get drowned o,” I retorted.

“You won’t darling, just a little bit of fun inside the pool. That will not hurt naa.”

“I hear you, sir. But I’m a bit hungry o,” I said as I tried keeping my bag in the wardrobe.

“Okay, what do you want so that I will inform them in the kitchen as I’m going to select sexy swimwear for you?” Felix asked.

“Hummm….Jollof rice with a big fried chicken lap,” I replied with a mischievous wink.

“See her mouth like a big fried chicken lap,” Felix mimicked as he left the room to the reception.

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