After about 5 minutes of silence between us, Felix made the first move to break the silence.

“I’m sorry baby, that wasn’t intended to happen the way it did.”

“It’s okay, I understand; which is the reason I feel you should start going back to Aba now,” I replied.

“No baby, don’t sound that way naa. This will not happen again, I promise,” Felix said as he stood up from the bed to hold my hands.

“But why go waste all that money in hotel bills when I have a comfortable place that I can make food for us to eat?” I cut in.

“Baby but I’m not complaining. I know you are a good cook and you don’t need to prove that to me. I just want to make-up for all these troubles, I’m sorry,” Felix retorted.

I stretched my arms and wrapped them around his neck….

“It’s okay baby. I was thinking you were enjoying the tension between us,” I said with a warm embrace.

“I’m not, baby. I always want to make you happy, but I don’t know how it all gets messed up along the line. But it won’t happen again, I promise,” Felix whispered into my ears as we enjoyed the warmth of the embrace.

But it was obvious we needed to disengage from the hug as my phone buzzed.

It was from my Mom!

We disengaged as I quickly picked the call.

MOM: Hello Sophie baby.

ME: Hi Mom, sorry I haven’t called to let you and Daddy know that I have reached Aba safely. I was trying to settle in.

MOM: It’s okay darling. Thank God for Journey mercies. I’m glad to hear that you are okay.

ME: I am, mom. Can you help me tell Dad the same?

MOM: No Sophie, you know how your Dad behaves…he will feel neglected and disrespected if I do that. Please, spare a moment and call him.

ME: Alright Mom, I will do that.

MOM: It’s okay.

ME: Mom, I read your letter and I appreciate every bit of a word you wrote in that letter. I love you mom, and I promise to be of good behavior. I’m happy to have you as my bestie, thanks for the money. I will not forget how you constantly try to put smiles on the faces of your children. I love you, mom.

MOM: It’s okay Ada m, I love you too.

ME: Thank you, Mom.

MOM: You are welcome, please, don’t forget to call your father.

ME: I will mom.

MOM: Bye.

ME: Take care of yourself mom.

MOM: I will.

And she hung up*****

“Is that mom?” Felix curiously asked.

“Yea, she wanted to know if I had reached safely,” I replied.

“Oh! That’s nice. Baby!”


“Please pack some clothes let’s start going immediately,” Felix beckoned.

“It’s alright, give me some minutes,” I replied as I opened my wardrobe in search of clothes to go with.

After about 15 minutes of scattering my clothes in the wardrobe, I was ready for us to leave.

“Are you ready babe?” Felix asked.

“Yes baby,” I replied with a wink.

Felix took my bag from my hand as we both left the apartment to his car.

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