“No baby, it’s not what you think,” Felix said.

“Okay, tell me about it, because right now, I don’t know what to think,” I yelled.

Felix came closer to hold my hand to calm me down because I was very angry.

“Don’t touch me. I’m listening,” I cut in on Felix as I moved a step backward from where I was standing.

“Baby! It’s just a harmless mistake. I met with a few friends yesterday evening. You know guys naa. From the bar, they decided we will visit the club later that night. So on our way, the naughtiest amongst us bought three packets of Durex condom and shared it to everyone. When I got home, I forgot to remove the condom and put it elsewhere. And this trouser was what I was wearing that same yesterday. I’m so sorry, baby.”

“I can’t possibly get a condom, I know your stand with sex right now and I promised to respect that. I’m so sorry, I promise I won’t be this careless next time,” Felix pleaded.

At that point, I honestly became confused about his story.

“Could he be telling the truth?” I thoughtfully asked myself.

Silence took over for the moment as I dragged a seat to rest my body.

Felix looked helpless as he kept staring as he stood in front of me, patiently waiting for my next action or what I would say.

My eyes kept rolling as I was battling with my thoughts whether or not to believe his story.

After about 10 extra minutes of silence, Felix gently walked up to me.

“I’m sorry, baby, I can never take advantage of you without your permission,” Felix chimed in as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

We stayed that way for some couple of minutes.

I had to reciprocate by wrapping my hands around his waist because he was standing and I was sitting.

“Thank you baby,” Felix said in appreciation as he felt my hands and interpreted that as an act of forgiveness.

“So which girl did you take home from the club?” I cut in unexpectedly.

Felix had to remove his hands abruptly as if I said he should go and kill the President.

“Baby! This question of yours is ridiculous,” Felix retorted.

“No, you tell me what is ridiculous about my question. Or did your so-called friend buy the condom for you to eat with it?” I cut in with rage in my eyes.

“Baby, in as much as I understand that you have every right to misunderstand this situation and be angry but I won’t stand here to take your insults in the name of questions,” Felix lamented in anger.

“No, you must think I’m stupid to believe those cheap lies of yours. Do you know what? Just leave my room right now, please,” I rudely demanded.

“I was just about doing that,” Felix replied as he took his car key that was on the table and left.

I removed my shoes and slumped into my bed in tears.

“What’s happening to us?”

“We hardly had misunderstanding and case studies.”

“Why now that we are with each other?”

“I don’t like these issues, they affect me directly.”

“Is he telling me the truth about this condom or probably a made up story?”

“Father God help me.”

Those were my conflicting thoughts as I poured out my heart in tears.

After about 15 minutes of cry and pondering, I remembered my mother’s gift to me.

I jumped out of bed and reached for my handbag in search of it.

I brought out the envelope from the bag and hurriedly opened it.

“Wow! I love you mom. 10k?” I screamed in excitement as I opened up her handwritten letter to me.

“Sophie baby, I want you to always smile because you look lovely when you do. Don’t allow your misunderstandings with Felix to always get at you because it’s bound to always happen so that you both can understand yourselves better. This is the time to know if the love between you two can last you for a lifetime.”

“Don’t overthink anything because a man that loves you will always go extra miles to keep you happy just like your father does to me. Don’t forget to lock your honeypot because opening it on him can make things worse especially before marriage. I love you but I want you to love yourself more. Be good my little angel, bye.”

As I was concluding that with tears rolling down my cheeks, my phone brought me back to reality with its buzz.

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