ME: Good day. Please, who is on the line?

THE CALLER: This is Jeffery, Kelenna’s friend.

ME: Oh! Yea.

THE CALLER: Yea, I have a little change in plans. I might be in Nigeria before the weekend but not certain the particular day of the week.

ME: Okay, just let me know any day you arrive.

THE CALLER: It’s alright. Is this your Whatsapp number?

ME: Yes.

THE CALLER: Alright, I will chat you up there.

ME: Alright.


And he hung up****

“Hmm…his voice and intonation are killing o. It almost threw me off-balance with the right answers to give,” I thought to myself as I continued with the money counting I was about to do.

“What? 20k? this one na allawee naa,” I screamed in excitement.

As I was still basking in that euphoria, my phone buzzed again.

It was Felix this time around.

I picked up!

FELIX: Hello Ma’am, I’m at your gate.

ME: Okay driver, give me some minutes, I will join you soon.

FELIX: Yes ma’am. I’m patiently waiting.

ME: Not as if you have an option, remember I pay you a good salary.

At that point, we both burst into loud laughter.

FELIX: Baby, you are a wicked employer.

ME: Well, you are a diligent employee right?

FELIX: Yes of course.

ME: Baby, I will join you soon.

FELIX: It’s alright darling.

He hung up****

“Lizzy! Lizzy!” I screamed out my kid sister’s name.

After a few seconds, she rushed into my bedroom.

“Sis do you need help?” Lizzy queried.

“Yes! Take this bag to Felix, he is parked outside the gate. You can equally use this opportunity to thank him for the goodies of yesterday.

“Okay sis,” Lizzy replied as she quickly carried the biggest bag and walked out of my room.

I took the smaller bag and followed through the sitting room to bid my mom goodbye.

“Hey. Mom, I’m ready to go,” I said to her.

“So soon Sophie?”

“Yes, mom,”

“It’s okay, hope you have seen your Dad?” My mom asked.

“Yes, I have.”

“Give me a minute?” My mom demanded as she stood up from the sofa and walked into her room.

After about a minute, she came out with an envelope and handed it over to me with smiles.

“Mom, what’s inside this envelope?” I curiously asked.

“When you get settled, read the letter and you will equally see my widow’s might,” my mom retorted.

“Aww! Thanks, mom,” I appreciated with a warm hug.

“You are welcome, my little princess. Have a safe trip!”

“Thanks, mom,” I replied hurriedly as I rushed out of the sitting room.

As I got to Felix’s car, he was still chatting with Lizzy.

“Big sis, nothing for the girls?” Lizzy asked with smiles.

I winked at her to come to the front seat of Felix’s car, which she did.

I gave her 5k from Dad’s money.

“Wow! I wasn’t expecting this, sis. Thanks so much,” Lizzy said in appreciation as she ran into the compound.

I shook my head at her ‘kiddish’ display as Felix reversed his car and we drove off.

We kept chatting and playing different kinds of music until we got to Aba.

Just as I was about directing Felix to where I stay, he muttered something.

“Baby, you will just drop your bag and pick a few stuff because we would be spending some quality time together in a hotel.

I didn’t see that coming but it looked like fun from the way he sounded.

“Wow! You had it all planned out?” I asked Felix.

“Yes, baby. I can’t leave you here and boredom will kill me in Port Harcourt,” Felix replied.

“But my room is actually comfortable,” I suggestively added.

“Not to worry baby, we will lodge out.”

After about 5 minutes, he drove into the compound I stay.

He stopped the car as he helped with my bags to my apartment.

There was no light and the room was stuffy.

Felix brought out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the sweat on his face but the handkerchief didn’t come out alone.

I packet of Duress condom fell off his pocket.

“What!” I screamed with rage as I helped him to pick it up.



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