After about two hours thirty minutes, the service was over.

We drove straight back to the house.

As we entered into our gate, my father complained.

“Sophie, I’m hungry already o.”

“No problem Daddy, I will quickly boil white rice since we made tomato stew yesterday,” I politely replied.

“Haba Clifford! What about some of us that didn’t eat before going to church?” My mom cut in.

“Mummy don’t sound like that naa? Remember Daddy is an ulcer patient,” Lizzy replied.

“No, leave her, Agnes! You are simply jealous that my daughters are showing me love,” my Daddy sarcastically cut in.

“See Clifford o, who is jealous? Abeg, let my sons come back let’s know who will win the love game in this house,” My mom retorted.

“Abeg, I’m not ready for una two, besides I will be leaving for Aba in a few hours. Daddy! Let me go and cook your rice o,” I said as I left all of them in the sitting room and went into my room to undress.

After undressing, I went into the kitchen to prepare food for the house.

My sister Lizzy, joined me to fasten the process.

After about 45 minutes, food was served at the dining.

We all ate and laughed at my father’s jokes.

It was almost 12 noon, so I pleaded with Lizzy to clear the dining and clean up the used dishes, which she agreed to do.

I went into my room to get ready.

After about 40 minutes of running around my wardrobe, I was ready to leave.

I went to my Daddy’s bedroom to let him know that I will be leaving anytime soon.

“Hello Pops, I’m ready to go o,” I playfully said with a wink as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

“Come this babe! Stop calling me pops o, it makes me feel old,” my Dad chimed in.

“But you are old naa…What were you thinking?” I teased him the more.

We both burst into laughter as he dragged me closer to him.

“Sophie my daughter, you know I am a proud father because I have you and your siblings, right?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

“It’s not everyone that’s lucky to have well-behaved children in this generation and this is not my usual sarcastic talks. I want you to know that I’m proud of you and the woman you are growing into. Please don’t do anything that will bring shame to you and the family. I love you and will always stand by you,” My Dad advised as he concluded with a peck.

“Thank you, Daddy, I love you too,” I replied.

He opened his cupboard drawer and handed a bundle of one thousand naira notes to me.

“Haba Daddy! This money you constantly give me makes me feel like a baby. I should be giving you, Dad,” I said in appreciation.

“You are still my baby, and don’t worry, I will eat your money soon,” My Dad retorted.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I said as I walked out of his bedroom.

I went back into my room to count the money.

As I was about to do that, my phone buzzed!

I reached for it, but it was an international number.

“This is not Kelenna’s number naa, who is this?” I said in an undertone as I picked up the call.

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