I woke up the next morning to a lovely text message from Felix.

“Baby, you make me wanna say I do. I love you so much, I have a lot to say to you but I guess Timi Dakolo has said it all for me. You can download his song ‘woman I love’ and listen to his lyrics because that’s exactly the words I want to say to you this morning. Call me when you are done with the song.”

That was the message he sent to me.

I hurriedly clicked on my browser as I searched for the song and downloaded it.

I even downloaded the lyrics too.

I smiled from one side of my mouth to the other as I enjoyed the song and the lyrics.

“I love you too, baby,” I replied to his text message and jumped out of bed to get ready for service on that Sunday morning.

As I was about leaving my room, my phone buzzed.

I walked back to the bed to see who the caller was.

It was from Felix!

I picked up immediately.

FELIX: Hello baby, good morning to you.

ME: Same to you, sweet.

FELIX: How was your night?

ME: My night was good and yours?

FELIX: Mine was cold. I wish you were right by my side to share some warmth, but it won’t be long and I will start to enjoy that.

ME: (I giggled) Hmmm…

FELIX: I know you are still a virgin and I shouldn’t be saying such stuff to you but that was the exact feeling I had last night.

ME: Virgin ke! Baby, you can say that I’m a technical virgin but I won’t deny the fact that I’m not. Although not proud of that but I have decided to remain chaste until my wedding night.

FELIX: Don’t mind me, baby, we have talked about this many times and I understand your stand on such topic. I was just pulling your legs. That’s by the way, what time should I come to the house?

ME: Baby come by 1:00 pm, by that time I would be ready.

FELIX: Alright ma’am.

We both giggled at his response as he hung up***

As I was about leaving the room, my sister, Lizzy walked in.

“Sis, good morning. What should I make for Daddy this morning?” she asked.

“Just prepare his tea for him, there’s bread in the fridge,” I replied with excitement as my sister offered to help.

“With omelet?” she further queried.

“No, unless if mummy wants to take tea and bread too,” I retorted.

“But mummy hardly eats before church service,” Lizzy hinted.

“Just find out from her first.”

“Alright,” Lizzy replied as she walked out of my room.

I felt a little relieved as she offered to help with my parents’ breakfast.

I had to invade my wardrobe in search of what to wear to church.

When I found something perfect, I rushed into the bathroom to get ready before my father will scatter me with shouting because of my makeup time.

After about an hour, I was ready for church service.

I walked to the sitting room to wait for my parents to get ready.

After about 5 minutes, my Dad joined me.

“Hmm…today must be miraculous as Sophie got ready before everyone,” my Dad teased.

I just beamed up smiles because I wasn’t in the mood for any of his sarcastic comments that morning.

“Agnes! Agnes!” my Dad screamed at my mom.

“What’s holding this woman naa, we will soon be late for service this morning.” My Dad murmured with rage.

After about five minutes, my mom joined us in the sitting room.

“What do you women always do for two hours of dressing? I tire o,” my Dad complained referring to my mom.

“Clifford, leave me alone and face your daughter, Elizabeth,” my mom replied.

As my Dad was about responding to what she said, my sister joined us.

We all headed to the car as my Dad drove straight to church.

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