It was Felix on the phone.

FELIX: Good evening, baby.

ME: Same to you.

FELIX: Haba naa! Are you still angry with me?

ME: I’m fine.

FELIX: You are not, baby. I’m sorry.

I went mute on him for a few seconds.

FELIX: Forgive your boy, I was just being stupid. My love! The woman I will forever love! Obim (my heart), I’m sorry naa.

Felix kept showering me with praises that made me giggle.

ME: It’s okay. But you got me feeling so confused.

FELIX: I’m sorry baby, please any time I act in that manner to you again, just give me a dirty slap that will reset my brain.

We both giggled at his comment.

ME: I have heard you, baby, it’s alright.

FELIX: Thanks, darling. You should be going back to Aba tomorrow right?

ME: Yes baby, and I’m going to miss you.

FELIX: No baby, I won’t allow the missing part to happen because I’m taking you back personally.

ME: Wow! That would be lovely.

FELIX: Yes baby, so by what time should I come for my driver duties tomorrow.

ME: Big head! Oya come by 2 pm, after church.

FELIX: Hope that will make my lady happy?

ME: Yes sir.

We both laughed aloud.

FELIX: I’m sorry once again baby, I will learn to suck in my issues without transferring aggression to you.

ME: Good lesson!

FELIX: See you tomorrow darling. I love you so much.

ME: I love you too baby. Good night.

FELIX: Sweet dreams.

And he hung up***

I kept smiling for a few minutes without knowing why I was.

Lizzy rudely barged into my room.

“Madam, na me and you get this room bah?” I asked because she startled me.

“Sorry Sis, I just came to drop your own snacks,” Lizzy said.

“Snacks from who?” I curiously asked.

“From brother Felix of course. It’s obvious that the things inside the nylon weren’t only for me.”

“So how did you know that?” I asked.

“He separated the nylons and I have taken mine,” Lizzy replied.

“It’s alright then, keep it there,” I retorted pointing at my bed cabin.

“Can I get his phone number from you to thank him for the goodies?” Lizzy politely requested.

“Don’t worry, you will get it from him directly because he will be here tomorrow.”

“Okay then,” Lizzy replied as she was at the verge of walking out of my room before I interrupted.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked.

“Hmm…Mummy said she’s not hungry, I’m not either and we all know you hardly eat dinner. So, I only made something for Daddy.”

“Haa! You don try abeg. I don’t have any strength right now for Daddy’s wahala,” I chimed in as Lizzy walked away.

I reached for the nylon to see the goodies Felix got for me.

“He sure knows what I like,” I said in an undertone as I picked the chocolate first.

I enjoyed all he got for me as I surf the internet.

I don’t even know the point I slept off after wasting my subscription on Youtube videos.

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