Let’s face it: sex is an integral part of every romantic relationship. It ignites the fire that keeps the relationship burning. If you can spice up your sex life, then you are in for a sweet and long-lasting relationship.

Whether you like it or not, if you cut off sex from a relationship, the passion that previously existed between both partners fade away.

The fact that many people tend to shy away from is that commitment cannot be felt without the desired physical manifestation of attraction, which is SEX.

Don’t get me wrong; your Relationship sure needs other vital elements of understanding, excellent communication, and trust to thrive. However, you need the driving force of sex to make the relationship grow stronger and last longer.

The reason is that sex is more than an act of fun; it is the aptitude for bond building between you and your partner. It gives that feeling of togetherness with strong comfort around your lover.

But here is the unfortunate thing: as the relationship grows older, the desire for sex with your partner begins to dwindle. One of you might even start experiencing low sexual libido.

This can lead to a loss of emotional connection in the relationship.

How can you spice up your sex life, so you and your partner don’t get bored with each other sexually?

This article is going to give you seven ways through which you can spice up your sex life and make it ever hot and ever attractive to you both:

Have you tried sensual massage?

This is a full body-to-body type of massage. It entails that both the receiver and the giver (massager) are in their nude form (with no clothes on). The giver with the help of a lotion or gel gives the receiver the same routine full body massage until it gets too sensual to the point where you both start gliding your sensitive body parts (boobs and penis). The giver will stop when the receiver is satisfied and happy.

The sensual massage can help build up sexual ecstasy in the head of both you and your lover, thereby resulting in mind-blowing sex. Spice up your sex life by trying this!

Plan a romantic dinner together

You can plan a dinner to a great place with an hour distance or more on foot from your present location. You both can decide to stroll there on foot.

The journey is far more important than the destination; it only entails starting the stroll early enough. With such, you can engage in beautiful conversations along the way, thereby creating a lasting memory that is unique and gossip-worthy. This can be an enjoyable experience and can spring crazy sexual desires up in your head.

You can equally take your lover out to a karaoke bar. It can be very interesting watching several bad singers bray out of tune; it can give you a good laugh. You can even join the list of bad singers by singing at the top of your voice without forgetting to carry your lover along while at it. You can have lots of drinks and dinner. Such experience will leave you both with hilarious memories that will enhance bonding and spice up your sex life.

With no boundaries set, explore innovative sexual positions

Have you tried the tying up prank during lovemaking? If you haven’t, you seriously need to. You can choose to cover his/her view with a piece of cloth and at the same time, use the handcuffs, which can come in the form of leather material.

The motive behind this prank is for one of you to be entirely in charge in bed while still having fun together.

The bondage-style is another great way to explore your sexual boundaries. This is a very interesting experience if you really want to give it to him/her hot. You can try this, if you are the shy type that lacks the courage to be in control in the bedroom…I bet you will love it.

Do you massage his balls while he is on top?

A good ball massage during sex can really give him the fun he has been expecting.

While he is on top of you, reach down gently and massage his sack…he will so love it and crave for more. Although you don’t have to make this trick a physically aggressive one because that is a delicate part of his sexual organ which should be handled with care. A gentle rhythmic move will just be perfect for this trick.

You two can watch erotic movies together

This is another trick that works like magic. Both of you should watch erotic movies together to help arouse your urges before the act. This experience can be mind-blowing. It will not only make the sex experience hot, it will also help suggest many new sexual styles you both haven’t tried before, which means it has a higher tendency to spice up your sex life.

Try romantic getaway together void of distractions

You and your partner can try a romantic vacation to somewhere far from your home. The getaway should try as much as it can to be void of work distractions and unnecessary calls. You both should just concentrate on each other until the end of your trip. Sometimes sex outside the home can just be electrifying. You can try this too…it will help spice up your sex life.


Have you both tried using the couple’s sex toys?

They are many available sex toys that can actually stimulate the urge you both crave for. I know of a couple that continuously uses sex toys before going into the actual sex together. According to their testimony, it helps their lasting ability and at the same time increases their sexual libido. It is not a bad idea if you try this out and equally register your testimonial too.

If you are interested in spicing up your sex life and giving it to him/her hot in bed, then you need to follow the tips as mentioned above carefully and see your sexual life changing in the twinkling of an eye.

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  1. Please you mentioned sex being the bond building in relationships. What relationship is that? dating or marriage .

  2. You mentioned sex as being the bond building in relationships. What relationship is that? Dating or marriage. Good evening.

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