I woke up late in the evening.

About 6:30 p.m..

My ringtone was what woke me up.

I grabbed my phone and boom!

“Ten missed calls?” I screamed as I forcefully rose up from the bed.

“Ahh! A headache,” I said in an undertone.

It was Prisca and Ijay that were calling.

But I couldn’t just feel my head as I looked around in the room and found no one.

“Where is Derek?” I thoughtfully asked myself as I tried to stand up.

He walked in immediately and rescued me from slumping into the bed.

“Baby, you sure do have a hangover,” Derek said to me.

As I looked at his face, he appeared double in my eyes.

And at the same time, looked so handsome and irresistible.

I felt like drawing close for a kiss.

But he acted as if he was in my thought as he walked away to get me a glass of water.

“Baby, sit up and take some water,” he pleaded.

I could sense the worry in his tone.

“I’m sorry I allowed you to consume so much. I can’t forgive myself,” Derek said as I drank the water.

“It’s Okay. But my head, aches,” I replied.

“Don’t worry, just lie down, you will be alright,” Derek replied.

I lay back on the bed and reached for my phone.

I felt like calling Ijay and Prisca back but I couldn’t.

My whole body was disorganized.

Derek sat on the bed to watch over me.

From the look on his face, he was feeling awful.

“Who do you want to call?” Derek asked.

“My friends,” I muttered out.

He took the phone from me and put a call through Ijay.

Ijay Picked immediately.

He spoke with them, told them that I was fine, and would talk to them later.

I could hear Juliet’s voice from the background screaming, “Give her the phone let’s say hi.”

But Derek abruptly cut the call on them.

“Do you want to eat something?” Derek asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Anything in mind?” He further queried.

“No,” I slowly replied.

“It’s alright baby, give me some minutes let me go and get you something to eat,” Derek said as he rushed out of his room.

“So I slept for this long, and this guy didn’t bother to misbehave or touch my body? Hmm, he’s nice though!” I thought to myself as I slept off again.

Derek came in and woke me up to eat.

It was already late in the night, about 8:00 Pm.

My headache reduced as I sat up to eat the sweet scenting jollof rice with Chicken.
In fact, Winnie, to cut a long story short; I ended up sleeping in Derek’s room that night but, he didn’t touch me.

“How do you mean by ‘he didn’t touch you?'” I inquisitively asked.

“He didn’t even come close to my body talk more of making love to me,” Ada replied.

“Wow! That’s a good one,” I exclaimed.

“Yes Winnie, and here I am; pregnant of our second baby as Mrs. Derek Okafor,” Ada said with excitement.

“OMG! So something good actually do come out of NYSC?”

“Yes o, Winnie. NYSC settled us all o,” Ada said.

“Yea, what happened to your friends?” I further asked.

“Hmmm… Ijay got married to Dickson, Prisca’s wedding with Kelvin is in a month,” Ada retorted.

“Wow! This is lovely,” I exclaimed with excitement.

“Winnie you can say that again.”

“But what about Juliet?” I cut in.

“My dear, Juliet got married before us all.”

“To who?” I curiously asked.

“To a Major in the military,” Ada replied.

“Hmm…NYSC really settled you all,” I said in affirmation.

“Yes o, abeg the food is getting cold. Enough of these entire NYSC stories,”

Ada said as we both stood up from the cushion to have lunch at the dining.

“What a lovely story with happy endings!”


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  1. Wow …….. beautiful story indeed,dont judge a book by it’s cover.know what you from every relationship.thanks for this

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