“Babe! You left us worried o,” I said to Ijay.

“I know, I’m sorry, it wasn’t intended,” Ijay replied.

“So what happened?” Prisca asked.

As Ijay was about explaining what happened between her and Dickson, Juliet walked in.

“Hey, Ijay don’t worry, we will talk later, besides, Ada is going out,” Prisca cut in.

I understood why Prisca cut in the way she did.

She simply didn’t want Juliet to hear whatever Ijay wished to explain.

And that left Ijay confused as she didn’t even hide her looks.

I felt like laughing because that was a frustrating situation for our ‘tatafo’ (gossip) Juliet.

“If you like take Ijay to heaven, I will still find out what you all are hiding from me,” Juliet said to Prisca who dragged Ijay away from the bedroom, probably to go explain things to her properly.

At that point, Juliet’s response made it so hard for me to hold in my laughter.

So I burst into laughter as I got ready and left her by herself in the bedroom.

I walked to leave the door, but Prisca’s side-thoughts made me pause for a second.

“Make sure you kiss o.”

“Prisca, you dey craze,” I playfully said.

“Yes I know, but please, just do as I said. Derek is a nice man,” Prisca said.

“I second it o,” Ijay screamed with genuine excitement.

“You girls are just mad!” I retorted as I quickly opened the door and left them.

I went straight to Flat 5and started knocking on their door.

After a minute, someone opened up.

It was Kelvin, not Derek.

“Good day,” I greeted at impulse.

“Ada, how are you?” Kelvin asked.

“I’m fine, please is Derek in?” I asked.

“Sure! In his room,” Kelvin replied with a direction of his hand to Derek’s room.

I walked in immediately, but Kelvin stopped me with his query.

“Ada, is Prisca in?”

“Yes, she is,” I replied.

“Alright, thanks,” he said in appreciation as he left for our apartment.

“Hmmm…could it be that Kelvin likes Prisca?”

“God! This is getting scarier by the day.”

“What if it’s all a game?”

“At first it was Ijay, and now me.”

“Who knows? Prisca is next?”

“Finally, Juliet might end up being the smart one o.”

Those were my thoughts as I approached Derek’s room.

The whole thoughts suddenly changed my mood immediately.

I lost the positive vibe and the excitement.

“Hey, pretty! You are here. Come on in and feel at home,” Derek said with excitement.

At that point, my mood has changed already, and my caution button was very much at alert.

I sat on the cushion in his well-decorated room.

Every gadget in his room was looking expensive.

“Well, I’m not surprised. Bankers and show off,” I muttered to myself.

“What do you care for?” Derek innocently asked.

“Nothing, we just ate,” I replied.

“But you can have a drink or something?” Derek further pressured.

“Can you imagine? So that you will put sleeping pills bah?” I thought to myself before replying.

“No, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“It’s alright if you insist. Maybe we can drink later,” Derek said.

“So why did you demand to see me, and in your room of all places?” I asked.

“Haba Ada, I don’t bite!” Derek replied.

“I never said you do?” I cut in with a little rage.

“Are you okay?” Derek asked.

With his question, I noticed that I was losing it slowly.

I had to call myself to order.

“I’m fine,” I replied.

Derek came down from his bed and joined me in the cushion.

It was a two-sitter cushion, and we sat comfortably.

He held my trembling hands as if he felt that I was scared.

“Ada!” He called out.

“Yes dear,” I replied with a forced smile.

“Please don’t be scared. I’m not going to take advantage of you,” Derek reaffirmed.

At the sound of those words, I suddenly felt at home instantly.

I went speechless on what to respond.

The only words that came out from my mouth were, “Thank you.”

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