As I opened the door, I saw Dickson standing so helplessly at the door.

“Good day,” I greeted.

“Thank you, Ada, please can I see Ijay,” he demanded.

“Who be that? Ada” Ijay queried.

“Your visitor,” I replied as I shifted a bit for her to see by herself.

When she saw it was Dickson, she stood up from the bed and went close to the door.

Of course, I left the door immediately to let them have some privacy; although she closed the door and went outside for them to see.

Trust our ‘aproko’ (Gossip) housemate…Juliet.

She rushed out like a rat being chased around by a cat.

See me o; I thought Juliet was angry, but not when ‘aproko’ (gossip) is involved.

“Wetin happen? Who been knock for door?” Juliet inquisitively asked.
Prisca and I gave her the silent treatment and behaved as if we didn’t even notice her presence.

“Haba naa! Prisca talk to me naa,” She jokily beckoned.

“Shebi una don see am now? Na Juliet dey find my mouth o,” Prisca said.

“Tell me joor,” Juliet further pressured.

“Tell you wetin? I tell you say person dey find you? You no go ever mind your business even if na for once,” Prisca said with rage in her tone.

I burst into laughter as Juliet’s face changed into harmattan affected beancake.

“Mtcheeew…if you don’t want to tell me, chop it, Prisca!”

I thought she would rest the matter after saying that, but no, she didn’t.

“Ada tell me please,” She pleaded as she came close to sit beside me on the foam.

“But wait o, Juliet! Why do you like ‘tatafo’ (gossip) too much?” I asked.

“Ada stop naa, I no dey like make gist the pass me by o,” Juliet replied.

“This particular gist go pass you by, Juliet,” Prisca cut in on both of us.

“Winch! Mind your corner naa? I come to you for gist?” Juliet retorted.

I was now in their middle as they exchanged words.

“Gist hoarder,” Juliet said referring to Prisca.

“You need good sex in your life right now. You are always running around like a male dog on heat looking for who to mount. For this particular gist, you will not hear it,” Prisca said.

I had to leave their middle because their loud voices and saliva were too much for me to bear.

“Nawaoh! Are you sure Ijay didn’t add something in the noodles we ate today? Why is everyone going mad in a split of seconds?” I thought to myself as I screamed to stop Prisca and Juliet.

“Stooooppp! You two. What is all these naa?”

“Ada better don’t tell this ugly bitch anything,” Prisca said.

They both went quiet for 10 seconds.

“See, you both have to stop all these bickerings, it’s not healthy. Prisca, sorry if Juliet said anything bad to you; Juliet, the gist is that Ijay went out, maybe when she enters, you ask her where and why she went out. Can we now rest?” I said as I angrily left them both and went into the bedroom.

I went straight to the wardrobe because I wanted to pick my towel and enter into the washroom.

As I was doing that, Juliet walked in, in a murmur.

“Ada tell me the gist now!” she clamored.

That action of hers got me irritated as I turned to her to say something but controlled myself.

I only gave her a bad eye that said a lot in seconds.

I picked my towel and walked into the bathroom ignoring her madness.

As I started to bath, I thought about Juliet’s inquisitive attitude.

“Wait o, does it mean that Juliet is a gossip?”

“Yes naa, it’s only gossips that go hungry of gist the way she does.”

“Why can’t she derive joy in minding her business?”

“It’s not as if she cares, because if something bad happens now, she will not be sorry for the person.”

“Instead, she will turn it into a joke and mock you until your ears get used to hearing them.”

“What kind of person is that?”


Those were my thoughts in the bathroom, as I was interrupted by the sound of my ringtone.

“Haba! Who could be calling me now naa?” I said in an undertone as I hurried my bath.

After about an extra 5 minutes, I was out of the washroom.

I rushed my phone and found out it was Derek.

“Hmm…why is he calling?” I thoughtfully asked.

I immediately decided to return his calls.

He picked up his call at the first ring as if he was just waiting for it.

ME: Good day dear.

DEREK: Same to you my pretty, please can I see you briefly?

ME: Hope no problems?

DEREK: None dear.

ME: Alright then, you will see me shortly.

DEREK: Thanks.
And I hung up****

I went into my wardrobe in search of decent casual wear.

As I was at it, Prisca walked into the bedroom.

“Is Ijay not back yet?” I asked Prisca.

“Yes o, I just pray she knows what she’s doing this time,” Prisca replied.

“I pray too. Well, I want to see Derek briefly,” I said.

“It’s alright.”

Just as we were at that discussion, Ijay walked in.

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